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 Overtime helicopters parts will wear out and need to be replaced or upgraded. Aftermarket parts offer a viable solution for both replacement and upgrading. Once Helicopters have passed their proposed shelf life manufacturers have integrated glass cockpits. These upgrades allow older helicopters to compete with new models for a fraction of the cost. The introduction of glass cockpits did not offer any decrease in helicopter accidents. Problem  The introduction of glass cockpits offers reduced size and weight and over all reliability (Smith, 2012). Glass cockpits even offer long term savings by eliminating traditional gyro systems that need to be rebuilt during periodic overalls (Smith, 2012). In 2010 the National Transportation Safety Board concluded a safety study on glass cockpits. This study took place between 2002 and 2006 and studied the accident rates of over 8,000 small piston power aircraft (Kundson, 2010). The NTSB’s conclusion was that there was a higher fatal accident rate than that of aircraft with small conventional instruments (Kundson, 2010).Significance Of problem This leaves operators with a serious problem. This problem lies with the training on the advanced system the operators are using. In order for pilots to effectively operate the system there must be adequate training. The NTSB’s recommendations include enhancing the pilot’s knowledge and training requirements, incorporating training elements regarding loss of primary flight displays and explain to the aviation community the importance of reporting all malfunctions and defects experienced with the flight displays (Kundson, 2010). Alternative Actions In order for the effective operation of upgraded aircraft with glass cockpits operators must have the proper training. Having a pilot who is skilled at reading rudimentary gauges may not be prepared for the challenges that come with the digital readouts. With numerous pilots making reports on display malfunctions will provide others with effective troubleshooting strategies.    My recommendations for operating helicopters with glass cockpit upgrades include providing pilots with adequate training from the manufacturers of the digital displays and require any malfunctions experienced to be reported back to the manufacturers. This will ensure pilots are properly trained and allow manufactures to make updates to checklists if there becomes a significant problem. If not properly used glass cockpits can become a burden to operators.

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