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Overall, technology’s effect on society is positive because of the medical advances, educational opportunities, and communication benefits it provides. Technology has opened many doors to better health and medical treatments.  Technology helps with more than just organization.  According to Brooke, “Algorithms have already been developed which can diagnose tumors using scanning technology at least as well as specialists.”  Medical students are even able to be taught with the use of technology.  The students are able to learn and practice through surgery simulations. “This innovation allows real-world views of surgeries while eliminating the need for a live environment to train aspiring surgeons. It gives these medical professionals the space to experiment in a simulated environment, rather than risking making mistakes on real patients.,” says Hussung.  Recently medical records and other information within hospitals and medical offices have been computerized.  Accessing the information is much easier now that it’s computerized.  Within hospitals the computerization of the records and data give the medical staff access to the information from anywhere in the building.  It also helps with efficiency and accuracy within the hospitals.  “This is not only a time saver but it also results in better data coordination and management. It is also technological innovation that has opened the door to more non-invasive procedures,” says Banova, talking about computerizing health records and other information.  There’s a minimized margin for mistakes in healthcare now that the information is on a database.  As time goes on more and more medical machinery proves to be helpful in diagnosing and treating patients.  According to Banova, “Diagnostics have never been easier and more accurate.”  Many people are even able to avoids surgery, because machines like MRIs give the doctors a look inside the person without having to open them up in surgery.  Technology even helps with healthcare in your own home.  Many people are able to search their symptoms on a reliable website to find out if they are ill.  Websites like WebMD give access to information that people used to only be able to get from going to a doctor’s office or hospital.  A negative side to this is that people replace their doctor with websites like WebMD.  People begin to self-diagnose themselves, and their diagnosis can easily be incorrect.  Because of this, they may not go to the doctor when they need to.  Some people may even make a simple cold into something much more, causing a lot of damage to their health.  As long as people recognize when to seek help and treatment and don’t replace their doctor with a website, this possible issue can be avoided.  Overall, patients’ hospital experiences are much more positive now that technology has helped eliminate errors and technology in machines like MRIs make it possible to diagnose health issues and injuries without surgery.   Technology has shaped education into the way it is today.  When someone needs information they can log into a computer and search what they need to know.  Within seconds they are able to access an answer.  Many schools in the United States are losing paper textbooks and instead use online textbooks.

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