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Our Proposed system would allow the power industry
to observe and control parts of the system at higher resolution in time and
space. The legacy grid did not allow for real time information to be relayed
from the grid, so one of the main purposes of the smart grid would be to allow
real time information to be received and sent from and to various parts of the
grid to make operation as efficient and seamless as possible. The management
system is the subsystem in smart grid that provides advanced management and
control services. Most of the existing works aim to improve energy efficiency,
demand profile, utility, cost, and emission. Following tasks are
supported by the system designed in this work that are Real-time data access
and monitoring, Prevents system from overloading, Prevents blackouts,
Prevents system tripping.
Saves time and money of manual labor and
Easy off-site monitoring.

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Due to the importance of the power grids
and the impact of their failure on the human life, new researches are aimed to
modernize the existing grids so as to avoid all the problems experienced with
the conventional electric power systems. In this project, an application of a
technology extensively used to monitor and control the power system is
developed and analyzed. Moreover, the proposed system demonstrates the
importance on using Human Machine Interface (HMI) for sustainable development
in the automation of the power distribution network to improve the customer’s
service and the reliability of the network. In this proposed system a Human
Machine Interface (HMI) is developed which is intelligent decision maker, which
will continuously monitor, supervise, control and ensure system sustainability
in case of peak loads. The
feature of the energy consumption and power quality mitigation are significantly
enhancing the power system operation. This project provides the following
features Accurate load management during peak periods, Real time monitoring, Power
system efficiency, Energy management, Prevents Blackouts, Prevents Overloading
and Prevents Tripping and Manual Labor.

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