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Our world is full of extraordinary people, people with great minds and genius solutions. No ‘normal person’ has ever been known to achieve the great. One of the worlds greatest geniuses, Albert Einstein had Autism. Albert Einstein, Saw things in ways others couldn’t, therefore proving that just a little ‘madness’ can change things up and make some view things in ways others wouldn’t. When we think of scientists we don’t see a man in a suit with his hair combed back perfectly but instead we picture, someone in an old stained lab coat with hair that hasn’t even been considered. We picture someone mixing different chemicals together just for the sake of it. When you’re a little mad there’s no careful planning or risk assessments it’s all just go go go, which is how amazing things are discovered. When you think about it, there isn’t actually an ordinary genius you can think of is there? I didn’t think so. Having a little madness just means that you’d perform ordinary tasks in extraordinary ways, cool right? Our history books are loaded with those mad geniuses. Newton, Einstein and Jane Austin suffered from Autism. Darwin, Beethoven and Nicola Tesla suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder. John Nash, an amazing mathematician suffered from schizophrenia and vincent van gogh suffered from bipolar disorder. Lets just say our books are full of some pretty mad people, but without these people where would we really be today? The scientific discoveries, medical advancements, and new technologies. We wouldn’t have any of that, without that little touch of madness. We definitely owe our thanks to the brilliant geniuses and their insanity. It’s most certainly a well known fact that the smarter people actually suffer from some sort of mental illness. We may see it as a disadvantage, but is it really? Our world would be such a different place if we didn’t have all those crazy people with their brilliant discoveries and their mental maladies. In conclusion, the world we live in today wouldn’t be the same with all the madness, so maybe we should stop seeing it as a disadvantage but instead an extraordinary advantage.

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