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Our memories seem to be
pretty accurate once we enter young adulthood, but our memories throughout our
childhood may not always be accurate. Although many of us think that our
memories from out childhood are pretty accurate, often times if we ask our
parents what they remember versus what we remember about our childhood, you
will often get different answers from them and their memory. This is likely
because adults have a greater ability to remember things than children do,
because as children our brains are still in the developmental stages which
makes our memories not as accurate.

            I personally remember going on a vacation with my family
when I was in 2nd grade. We went on vacation to Myrtle Beach. The
things that I remember the most would be going on a deep-sea fishing trip on
one of the days that we were down there. I also remember going out to eat at
some high-quality sea food restaurants. I honestly can’t remember much more
about the vacation than that. Since I was having some trouble remembering some
of the other things that we did while we were down there, I asked my parents
what they remember about the vacation and according to them we did not g on a
deep sea fishing trip that year. My parents told me that we went on a deep sea
fishing trip in myrtle beach 2 years later. Also some other things that they
remember that I don’t remember would be that my dad, my brother, and myself
went on a jet ski ride in the ocean and saw some sharks swimming somewhat close
to the jet ski. They also remember walking down the beach with my brother and I
trying to find shark teeth and cool looking sea shells to take home with us. My
parents said they remember me begging them to buy me a beach towel with a shark
on it from one of the gift shops down there, but I don’t remember begging them
to buy me a towel.

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            Obviously, it is now clear to me that I do not remember
some parts of that specific vacation, which helps to prove that many times our
memories are not really as accurate as we think they are. Now that I know that
my memory was not what I thought is was kind of leads me to think what else my
memory isn’t accurately portraying. Through my research, it is clear to me that
my brain and memory functions were still in the development stages which would
explain why I don’t remember some of the events that took place on that

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