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ou know there is this really disturbing trend I’ve noticed.
 A lot of people, when trying to make points about climate change, ant-vaccination, war, just about any topic that involves human beings, take a very condescending, and pessimistic approach.
“Why are we all such idiots? Human beings are really horrible creatures.”
I know you’ve heard something to that effect about some issue. It really confuses me. This kind of attitude only breeds the “Whelp, we’re fucked anyway” response, and if what I hear people have to say on the matter is true, some of them are even happy that humanity is fucked, and to be honest that is the vibe I’m getting from this video.

Here’s the digs:
1. Human beings are not immoral monsters that are out to destroy everything.
2. Human beings as a species are not idiotic or stupid.
3. There are things that can be done to combat issues such as climate change, that don’t involve the complete restructuring of your life.
4. We can solve this issue.

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If you want to know where to start here are a few things that can help the climate change situation:
1. Write to your representatives in the government. Let them know you want change.
2. If they aren’t sympathetic to the issue, don’t vote for them the next time around. Do your research, and vote for people that actually represent your interests.
3. Support renewable and carbon neutral power. Things like solar, wind and nuclear (Yes nuclear), energy don’t produce carbon dioxide when generating electricity.
4. If you can afford it, think about putting a solar panel on your house, it saves energy, and pays for itself in about 2 years.
5. Also if you can afford it, think about buying an electric, or hybrid car.
6. If you’re willing to reduce the amount of meat in your diet, that can help too. I’m not suggesting you become a vegetarian, but if you can cut down at all it does make a difference.
7. Think about walking to where you need to go, or taking public transport. Walking is obviously carbon neutral, and taking public transport such as the bus or train reduces the amount of cars on the road, and therefore reduces the amount of carbon put in the air. Also, a lot of local, and city governments put significant work into making public transport less carbon taxing, and environmentally friendly.
8. Petition to save trees in the Amazon and other important forests. If you’re thinking that you can’t help with the issue because you don’t live in a country that has one of these huge carbon sync forests, you’re wrong. Again write to your representative, and lobby to have your government put pressure on logging companies and other governments. Democracy works if you let it.
9. Vote with your wallet. This is important. If there is a company, or a product that you see as detrimental to the climate, if you’re within your means to not buy it, don’t buy it. Hell, if there is ANY product or business that you disagree with DON’T but it. Of-course only if you are in you means, and can live without it. Responsible consumerism is how capitalism should work.

10. Have some faith. Pessimistic, whiny bullshit gets us nowhere, and only helps us dig a deeper hole for us to get out of.
 We put men on the fucking moon for god’s sake; we have interstellar probes so that we can study the space in between stars, we have successfully eradicated some of the most deadly diseases the world has seen, I mean Jesus, from where I’m at it almost seems like there is nothing we can’t do.
Humanity can solve the worlds problems, you just have to let it.?

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