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Oscar Romero changes the cadence of his character from the beginning of the film to its end.  In the beginning of the film, Oscar Romero is oblivious to the actions happening.  He turns blind eye while his followers are being punished for soley their beliefs.  For example, when the soldiers halted the bus traveling to Argentina, Oscar Romero and Father Grande went to rescue them.  However, Oscar Romero had to be constrained by Lieutenant Carlo in order to leave the car and give aid to his people; he did not care about the soldier’s potential punishments to the people.  Young priests admonished him and stated Romero “fiddles while Rome burns”.  Romero begins changing after the climax when Father Grande is assassinated.  He notices the massacres and recognizes that the violence will only get worse without a voice to leading the way.  Romero holds a joint funeral mass for Father Grande along with the two other people killed.  Romero learns to sacrifice himself for the Church and to show more interest in the people’s wellbeing.  The sacraments play an imperative role in the life of the Church.  The Sacrament of Baptism frees us from Original Sin and enters us as a member of the Church.  The Sacrament of Communion is the first reception of the Eucharist.  These sacraments, along with the five others, have the purpose of making people holy and closer to God.  They communicate grace and charity.  This worship and adoration of God is seen through Romero fulfilling his Role as Bishop and as a servant leader.  He uses these sacraments to engage in prayer and ritual with the people of the Church.  Moreover, Romero aligns with the poor because Jesus loves everyone of us.The different visions in the film for where the Church should be in contexts of cycles of violence and vengeance include the guerillas, aristocrats, impoverished, government, and the wealthy.  Romero’s vision on how the Church should react to said groups opposing the Church’s standards changes in the course of the film.  He is passive at first and does not see how the country needs his salvation.  However, Romero begins to experience the same pain Jesus did and stands up for his people.  The Gospel does not demand that Christians be pacifists, but it does not condone to violence.  Violence is a sin and should therefore be rejected because of one should recognition that we are all made in likeness to God’s image.  Romero is a humanizer who promotes his aspirations for liberty according to these visions according to the doctrine of the Church.  The most prevalent part of Romero’s preaches was his statement that God’s love does not have a domain.  We saw this in the film when he claimed the Church still loved Father Grande’s murderers.  The position of non-violence in the Church is also portrayed when Romero denies himself of being threatened by death.  A Christian does not believe in death without resurrection and Heaven.The Church and world are portrayed in the movie having relationships. The Church is a source of light for the world.  One of the Church’s mission is to free the world of oppressions.  It gives a home to comfort and aid its followers.  The Church is a community.  It can have a social agenda without it turning into simply the agenda of political liberals or conservatives because the Gospel generalizes Jesus’s words.  He accepts diversity and acknowledges that the outside world is very complex.  However, the word of the Lord is not and can be proclaimed without prejudices interfering.  There is a happy ending.  Oscar Romero was a martyr, and his life’s work did not go unnoticed.  Romero had exceptional morals that he passed on to his followers.  Therefore, although Romero died, he had people to spread his story.  Christian stories like these compare and contrast with the world’s stories.  They are typically grander than an everyday act of kindness, but still express the same message of hope and salvation.In El Salvador, the Church should be a safe home away from all the violence.  I believe that is what any Church should be, including the one in my town.  It should be a time to reflect and leave .”When we leave Mass, we ought to go out the way Moses descended Mount Sinai: with his face shining, with his heart brave and strong to face the world’s difficulties.” (Sunday homily, June 17, 1979)  This quote is expressing the conduct we Christians need to leave Christ’s home with, and it is still relevant in our world today.  I agree that the world throws many challenges our way, and, when we leave Mass, we need to have an optimistic outlook.  “A religion of Sunday Mass but of unjust weeks does not please the Lord. A religion of much praying but with hypocrisy in the heart is not Christian. A church that sets itself up only to be well off, to have a lot of money and comfort, but that forgets to protest injustices, would not be the true church of our divine redeemer.” (Sunday homily, December 4, 1977)  This quote is also still relevant in our world today, and I agree with it.  It states that you need to be fully committed to Jesus in your body, mind, spirit, and emotion.  Simply going to Sunday Mass is not living up to God’s potential for you.  We need to act upon our faith and proclaim the Gospel.  

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