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of the most influential invention of the greek architecture was the three
classical orders, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Doric order was the first
and the simplest but also most distinctive out of the three, as it marks the
period of the transition from the use of wood to marble and limestone.


order’s name was taken from the Achaeans or Dorians. They were invaders who pushed
the original inhabitants to the remotest regions such as the islands,
themselves became the Athenians and the people who lived in most of other
cities in Greece mainland. Due to the fact that they were nomadic herdsmen,
they personified gods from forms of nature as male characters and their main
concerns was to pacify the gods therefore the nature and appearance of doric
order is quite masculine with power and heaviness reflected upon the shorter
and lack of base columns in comparsion of the otehr two orders. This style was used
among builders during the Archaic period, and was the predominant order for
temples through  the early fifth century,
occuring frequently in Greek mainlands. 

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