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On January 11th, I attended
clinical for the first time along with three peers. My clinical placement is in
Syme Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Center, a community based/ non-profit organization
that works for the community to build self-sufficiency in others and enhance
quality of life. During the first day of clinical, we met our preceptor, who is
the program and volunteer coordinator for the agency. Our preceptor gave us an
orientation about the agency and provided information about the different
programs that are offered for the community. After orientation, our group
participated in one of the programs offered by the agency. The program is
called the family resource center (FRC), a drop in area for parents and caregivers
where they spend time with their children in a safe, nurturing and caring
environment. I had a great experience participating and learning about the FRC
program. I enjoyed meeting the parents and interacting with the children. I
also enjoyed participating in the activities the program offered for the
children. This experience also gave me sense on how a non-profit organization
gives back to the community.

This clinical placement is my first
experience working for a community/non profit agency. Prior to this placement,
I had a very minimum idea and experience on how a community based/ non-profit
organization can give back to the community. My first day of placement changed
the way I viewed community health nursing (CHN). Prior to beginning this
placement, I thought about community health nursing as something that will not
emphasize on the concepts that I had learned or will weaken the skills that I
learned in the past semesters. However, not only that this is a complete
opposite of what I thought about, CHN can actually build and strengthen my
knowledge about nursing and that I can also incorporate and build upon the
skills I had learned in my past courses for this clinical placement. For
instance, while participating in the FRC program for the first time, I thought
that this program highlights Watson’s theory of caring; a theory that places
the formation of caring healing relationships as the central task for health
care professionals (Watson Caring Science Institution, n.d). Specifically, the
FRC program incorporates Watson’s carative process three, establishing a
helping-trusting relationship (Watson Caring Science Institution, n.d). While
participating in this program, I observed that the staff engaged with the
parents and young children and developed a helpful and trusting relationships
with them. The staff were caring, respectful and non-judgmental. In addition,
parents and caregivers were encouraged by the staff to engage and maintain
their relationship with their children. The FRC program also emphasized
Watson’s carative process number eight, the creation a healing environment for physical
and spiritual needs (Watson Caring Science Institution, n.d). As mentioned, the
FRC program is a dedicated drop in area for parents and young children where
they can interact in a safe, caring and nurturing environment. Besides Watson’s
theory, I thought that the FRC program also links to the Canadian Community
Health Nursing Standards (2011) learned from the second week of class and
praxis seminar. Specifically, the program incorporates standard four,
professional relationships, where the staff engages with parents and children
to build a trusting relationship (CHNC, 2011). The program also highlights
standard eight, access and equity, where parents and their children are
provided a safe environment and treated equally (CHNC, 2011). Overall, I
believe that this clinical placement and the programs that are offered such as
the FRC program will truly increase my knowledge regarding community health
nursing as well as help to develop/increase my skills in nursing.

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What I could have done differently in my
opinion during this week’s clinical is that I could have probably been more
engaging with the parents and children while participating in the FRC program.

In my thoughts, I felt like I did not connect with them enough to establish a
trusting relationship. According to an article by Feo et al (2017) engaging and
effective communication is key to developing trust and therapeutic
relationships with patients. By engaging more with the families, I could have
also promoted community health nursing standard of building professional relationships.

Therefore, it is of great importance that I build upon this skill in my
upcoming clinical days.

            Overall, my first week
of clinical went well. I had my first experience working for the community and had
a great experience learning about how an agency gives back to the community. I
will truly incorporate what I learned from this week on my upcoming clinical days
and in my future practice. I look forward to learning more about community
health nursing, learning how to work with the community and gaining more
experience from this clinical placement.



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