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On a dark night in Brazil, a young toddler looked into the moon out his window and thought of the future. The toddler was believing that he would become a professional soccer player and told himself, “I will become a soccer player, the best one”. Flashbacks came towards the boy but he decided to ignore them because it was just when he was a toddler. Now, he’s become a young man named Ron. Ron’s mom called him for supper and he ran down the stairs and curiously asked his mother, “Hey mom. Is it easy being a soccer player?” Ron’s mom responded, “Well if you’re a fast learner and a focused man, then yes it’s easy but if you aren’t then no.” Ron had that thought in his head and decided to keep it. After supper, Ron packed up for school and once again, each year his mother would always say, “Stay brave and focus in school! Bye!” While walking towards the school he saw a beautiful sight of the city because he lives in a neighborhood near a small mountain and the surprising thing was that he lived in Brazil. Brazil was a fantastic, indescribable country that was located in South America. Ron was raised in Brazil and he thinks that Brazil is a cool place too. While walking he met his friends by the entrance of the school, Jim, Kyle and Carlos. They had a short conversation about fútbol (Soccer in Spanish) and the words that his mother said earlier filled Ron’s mind again. Today, Ron had to sign up for the soccer tournament and his life would be complete. An eternity later, Ron ran towards soccer practice and was ready to practice! The whole day passed and it was 8:56, Ron didn’t get to talk with Coach James but he did manage to hear about tournaments on Friday but today is Thursday. Ron sighed with relief took everything off his back and jumped to his bed. Shockingly, he forgot how much homework he had and that’s when he went berserk. “Last night was awful, but I did get some sleep!” said Ron. The morning was very normal, good talk with mom in the morning, breakfast, and that’s all. Suddenly, tall figure about Ron’s height came out of nowhere and introduced himself. Ron’s heart skipped a beat but it was just a stranger. Ron never met a stranger in Brazil and thought it would be a student in his class. His prediction was right and the young man was named Justin. Justin was a young man who loved to play fútbol like Ron so they got along very quick! Ron later introduced Justin to his other known friends and they were glad to see another buddy in their group. At first, Ron told Justin, “For a sec I thought you were a bully!” Justin laughed and told them he wouldn’t do that ever to a friend. Again, school has ended and now Ron walked home with Justin and it was a coincidence that they were neighbors! Also, it was affirmative that Ron has made a best friend. Ron did all his chores and has done his homework so he slept so calmly that he felt like something was wrong. It felt as if he was forgotten something but Ron ignored that thought. The next morning, Ron has had a great morning again without noticing the tournament and something was going to go wrong. In Social Studies, Ron was learning a bit more about Brazil’s last and history and managed to remember all those facts his teacher told him. Riiinnngggg! The bell went. School was over, and that’s when Justin reminded Ron of soccer practice but Ron realized there was a tournament today! He checked the date and it was Friday! Ron began to panic and he didn’t remember to sign up online! Justin was in the tournament and said “Aw shucks man…how are you going to play!?” Ron felt miserable as if he lost a pet dog. Ron accompanied Justin to the soccer field and there was a huge crowd in the distance. Suddenly, Justin did something risky that would take him a year to get back and that’s when he told Ron, “Hey pal, why don’t you take my spot and go out there and give it a shot!” Ron was filled with funny emotions and felt energetic! Ron was very happy and asked if he was sure and yes Justin was sure. Ron quickly ran home and got his soccer clothing and he said, “Thank you” to Justin and Justin watched his best friend play. While entering the match Ron was ready to play and looked around the place filled with so many people. Ron was ready and played a match for his best friend.The FutureNewspaper – Ron has made so many goals in the last tournament! Witnesses heard that his best friend Justin gave him a chance to win and now Ron and Justin play in the World Cup having a unstoppable streak for Brazil. People say till this day that together they are unstoppable and that they would stay as best pals forever.

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