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On this test I ran 1.5 miles in 13 minutes and 50 seconds and I believe that this score could improve
to 12 minutes and 45 seconds easily by just spending a bit more time running for example I could go
for a run around my town every other day or find a field or something which I know is 1.5 mile run
and continue doing tests until I get the score, also I could spend some time on the treadmill to
improve my stamina. .
Strengths and areas for improvements/weaknesses for this test: in this test you can test easily the
participant’s stamina which leads to the army as army has to make sure that the participants are
able to run for long distances quickly and actually being able to do it. This test is easy and cheap as
you only need a stopwatch to do this test also you have to know how far 1.5 miles is. People who are
bad at pacing would get a worse results than the ones that are pacing as people have to know how
to pace so they would know when and how fast to run for. Also different terrains can make the
result change.
Jerry can carry
You have to carry 2 jerry cans and each of them weight 20kg and you have to carry them for
150metres in under 2 minutes and you can’t walk no slower than 5.4km/h
This test links to strength as you have to carry heavy weights from one point to another and also
tests grip as you have to keep hold of the heavy weights for whole that run and this also tests your
speed and how fast you can run with weights and this test might also link to agility.
Strengths and areas for improvements/weaknesses for this test: This test is also a good choice for
the army as they would actually do this test at work but not as a test but as an actual thing as they
might need to carry e.g. cans of petrol quickly to their van/car/truck to get back going. So with this
test they can see the capability of the soldiers and how much they would be able to do if they
recruited them, on this test they can nicely test their strength, endurance, and grip and speed all
combined so they have to do less different tests if they use this test. It is quiet hard to know the
speed you are going on this test which means you have to have someone who can keep check on the
speed while you are doing it or you have to have good pacing skills to get the right speed, also to do
this test you have to have 2 jerry cans which not everyone has so it can’t be practiced at home but
something similar is possible for example use 2 things that are 20kg but they would be different
from jerry cans which means different grip.
Health requirements
Health: Some medical conditions can stop you from joining army. You would need to go through the
full medical examination as it’s a part of the application process. When taking part in medical
examination they will look for abdominal problems, back problems, for any blood diseases, bone or
joint problems, chest disorder, ear disorder, eye disorder, neurological disorder and any other
conditions as well as psychiatric problems or skin problems.
Eyesight: Visual without spectacles must be 6/12 or better. But with spectacles must be 6/6 or
better. The Contact Lenses must be -0.75 to +1.75. The Astigmatism is max of 0.75 dioptres. The
colour perception will need to pass Ichihara test.
Ongoing training: involves a fast-paced march at 15 minutes per mile, in full combat gear including
personal weapon, across rough terrain and roads for usually six or eight miles and 15 kg to 25 kg
dependent on service or weapon. They have to do this each year.
For different roles and levels: the tests stay the same except for the 1.5 mile run which is –

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