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Nowadays the majority of people have the feeling of chronic fatigue- being stressful every single day. They exhaust themselves to the utmost at work, at home, talking to the ‘toxic ‘ people. And it is not necessary doing any hard physical job.  Our life consists of a circulation of energy. We can use it however we want. But while investing energy in some fields we need constantly to refresh our own energy resources.  Otherwise we are in danger of getting completely worn out. Being stressful also means to be fed up with some things we hate but are forced to do.  For example, many people do not enjoy their jobs. But they are afraid to quit it or change it because of their comfort zone.American Psychological Association reported that nearby 75 % of adults experienced high level of stress in the past month and almost half reported said that their stress had increased in the past year.World Health Organization characterizes depression as the most leading cause of disabilities worldwide.Imagine such situation. As a result people wake up early in the morning feeling already tired. Then they try hard to jump into the crowded bus full of the same angry ‘businessmen’ .They spend hours on the job by doing nothing useful or pretending they are very engaged . After counting hours and minutes till the end of a work day, people jump to the full bus again.  They come home being uninspired, exhausted and angry. They do not want anything to do but watch TV or play computer games. Anything that involves brain or physical activity.  At the end of the day such workaholics feel squeezed like lemons.  Sounds familiar?A typical day of lots of people on our planet has just been described. Unfortunately there are men and women like that all around the globe, in every country, in every corner of the Earth. People feel unsuccessful, unmotivated and dull when they spend their time and energy on things they dislike. Instead they do not get any good vibes. There is no positive feedback in such situations. So the question is how to get more energy, feel great and very productive? Here are some tips.Firstly, do the things you love. Sounds simple. Of course it is not that easy to find out what you really like. But try to listen to your heart. Your parents or friends or other people do not know better what you should do in your life. It is only your choice and you are responsible for it. So try to recall in your memory what you have used to do in your childhood, what has been your hobbies. Doing something with love, passionately, gives you dozens of energy back. You will feel inspired and motivated and much more productive.Secondly, let your hair down. Working non-stop-24 hours is not good for your health. Remember to relax. Making pizza party with friends, having hot tub or just reading a good book gives you much more energy. Also start learning yoga practices and meditate. It helps a lot to refresh the emotional state. Many people find it helpful to rebuild their mental health through reading Bible, going to sacred places. Thirdly, do some sport.Attending a gym is a great idea to keep body fit, to start a healthy lifestyle and to become even more energized.  Fourthly, spend time with your friends and family.You can organize a family dinner. Go to the store, buy the ingredients and make something delicious. Your relatives will be surprised by your attention and care. By the way, shopping and cooking is another way to cope with stress and feel better.Also think about people you talk to in general. Are there any toxic ones? Toxic people (also called as energetic vampires) always take your energy and never give it back. They ask you for something, manipulate you and use you when they need it. In contrast genuine people are willing to listen to your wishes and problems, they can help you or cheer you up. So choose your friends wisely.Last but not least make sure you do not feel lack of food, water and sleep.These are basic things every human being needs. There is a fake assumption that eating sweets reduces stress. The effect does not last for a long time. When sugar comes to our blood – insulin goes up. Sugar in big dozes as well as fatty food overloads pancreas . People suffer from adrenalin addiction – when their organism gets used to fast food and needs it constantly like some sort of drug.  Environment can have big influence on your well- being. People who live in the suburbs are happier than those who live in busy downtowns.  Try to surround yourself with greenery so you can breathe fresher air. If you have the possibility – go on vacation where you will feel awake and fully turn your energy depression around.Please, boost your energy to prevent burning out.To sum up, in modern world our daily routine makes us stress too much. Being tired day after day transforms into chronic fatigue – a disease, often in accompany with aching, prolonged tiredness and depression.Constant stress and lack of energy is caused by several reasons. In order to understand your emotional state you need to look around. Define whether you are happy or not. Do you feel satisfied with your life or is there anything to worry about. Positive people tend to be glad to things they have in their day to day life. In contrary pessimists feel more anxious in their daily routine.  Take a closer look to your surroundings whether there are people who waste all your energy and never give it back. Try to move such energetic vampires away from your life.Explore in more detail your habits and hobbies. Make sure you eat and sleep properly. Take into account to set enough time for relax and spending time with friends.Remember that life is unpredictable.  If there are some difficulties today – tomorrow will be better. Never give up and try to get every opportunity that is chasing you. But do not forget to accumulate your priceless energy.

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