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Now a day’s every  various sized companies are moving towards
information technology in general and specified. This erp system provides
better the performance , productivity and also serves the customer with faster
response and to give  the better
services. Totally to improve all business aspects, flow of customer
satisfaction and information, reduce costs, streamline business processes,
offer verity of product, decreases response time to customer necessity and
expectations in order to remain successful and retain their competence with
other companies.

            In 1998, Davenport stated ERP
system, which was very much  important
development in the corporate benefits of Information Technology. Because many
organizations wanted to improve their position by implementing this ERP System,
which promises improving business processes and reduction in cost.

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            ERP can combine many areas of an
organization such as manufacturing departments , order management, finance,
human-resource management, customers and suppliers then make it into a tight
integrated system with visibility and various data. This system provides
seamless integration of different functions across process areas with
improvised workflow, standardization of variety of business culture and access
to real time up_to_date data’s.

            About Jordan -The lower middle
income country is the Jordan, but it is on in recent years has did few reconstruction
to position for stabilized prosperity with a lot of very much focus on
infrastructure and as well as given importance to education, developing a higher
private sector is part of the national strategic modernization. And also its
reputation helps as a secure and static county in turbulent region were much
enough reason to attracting different share holders had to set foot and build
components for  as of different

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