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night.A car driving over an uncovered bridge through heavy rain and loud thunderstorms with strong wind. A young happy couple inside the car. The young man is driving whilst his beautiful wife is sitting on the front passenger seat next to him. They are having fun singing and dancing while driving. The river is flowing wildly below them. They are too happy to care about the bad weather. The car has almost reached the end of the bridge. Another loud thunder. A powerful lightning bolt strikes a huge tree standing among other trees near the end of the bridge. The tree shatters into pieces in an instant sending its parts flying wildly and hitting anything they meet on their way. In a moment, one of the large chunks of the tree lands on the couple’s car. The young man loses control of the car and they crash into the river over the edge of the bridge after smashing through the bridge barriers. As the car rolls upside down into the river and starts to sink, in slow motion, the couple are stuggling desperately to scream and unbuckle their seatbelts with no success. And we notice the young woman is in her later months of pregnancy.Fade out:hospital. later that night.A worried man is sitting alone in the corridor waiting for news. The operating room door opens and a doctor at around the same age comes out. It is the surgeon. The man quickly stands up and approaches the doctor. By the look on the doctor’s face, we know that the news is not good.the doctorI’m sorry, Jack. We couldn’t save your daughter and son-in-law.Tears roll down Jack’s face.thE DOCTORWe could only save the baby.Jack looks up at him. A light of a new hope burns in his eyes when he hears it.the DOCTOR(smiling, tired)It’s a girl.jackCan I see her?the DOCTORI will take you to her.By the way they communicate, it is obvious that they know each nursery:There is just one infant in an incubator. Jack and the doctor enter the nursery.the DOCTORThere is one problem…jaCK(worried)Is she okay?the DOCTORTheoretically, yes. But there is something strange with her eyes.Jack slowly moves closer to the incubator. The doctor follows him.the DOCTORMaybe it is a post-accident effect… We have not yet found out the reasons… But… They are completely transparent, Jack.Jack looks down at the infant inside the incubator. It is a beautiful baby. She opens her eyes and they are indeed transparent. Jack looks at her and smiles, releived. He puts his hand onto the incubator and caresses his granddaughter through the glass.jaCKNo… She is fine. She is just scared. Her grandmother was the same…5 years later:a Greenhouse – day.A little girl is shaking with fear inside the greenhouse. Camera turns around her and we see, there is a big spider in her hair. The girl starts screaming as it starts crawling down onto her forehead. We hear a voice behind her sayingIt is just a spider, Oprah! Nothing else! Just a small spider! It can’t hurt you! It can’t eat you! It is much smaller and weaker than you!Camera turns around towards the voice and we see, it is Jack. He is just standing there with a very serious look on his face and speaking to the girl in a commanding manner.jaCKCome on! Take it with your hands!oprah(crying)I can’t!jaCKYes, you can!The spider is between Oprah’s eyes now. Camera shows her eyes. They are transparent white. The spider starts moving again.oPRAH(scared)Grandpa…jaCKYou have to do it yourself, Oprah!No one is going to help you! You have to fight your fear! That is the only way! Just remember, it is nothing but a small spider!(pause)He slowly walks up to her and stands in front of her. Oprah turns her eyes towards her grandfather. She is not so scared anymore. Jack continues in a soft voice.jaCKNow… Just raise your hand slowly and remove it from your face…oPRAHJust a spider…It looks like Jack is training his granddaughter how to overcome her fears.jACKJust a spider…Camera shows Oprah’s eyes. They are gradually changing from transparent white to blue.jaCK(relieved, satisfied)Attagirl!Now Oprah’s eyes have turned typical sea-blue color. She calmly and gently takes the spider in her hands and looks at it.oPRAHIt is just a small spider.Jack kneels down in front of her, takes her small hands with the spider and smiles.jACKExactly. Just remember this everytime you are scared. You have to know how to handle your fear and anger. No one should ever see you scared or angry. You know, you are not like the others. You are different. You are unique. But no one should know it. They will not understand it. That’s why we keep it secret.Little Oprah is listening to her grandfather smiling.

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