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Price of Life

19, January 2018

Life. A gift granted by god. You choose how you want to live it. In my life I’ve learned that to have value, you must earn it. Society should value one’s life by the good he/she did over the course of their life as well as your own life. Worth carries various meaning to every individual. Worth is achieved when a person is happy, wealthy with friendship, happiness, family, love and financial backing to support the people you love.

Everyone has their own idea on how they want to live their life. When Steve Jobs stated in his speech “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown your inner voice” (The Telegraph). What this quote means is that you should do what you love and not let anybody get in the way of it. In the game of life, you just really have to be yourself and believe what you will achieve.  Steve Jobs valued life from the mistakes he made in his past and ended up fixing them to become a better person.

Moving onto Amanda Ripley. Amanda talks about putting a price on peoples lives. Mr. Hewins was a workman who was ran over by a train during his working hours. When Hewin passed away, he left his wife and three very young kids. He was the only source of income for the already poor family. The government should’ve handled this situtation differently. They should award the kids free college, and the mom with money thats enough to last her till her retirement.

Whenever I would go to watch movies, I would check what Roger Ebert said about the movie and bring it with me to the theater. In Roger Ebert: “The Essential Man” Jones paints a vivid picture about Eberts battle will a deadly disease. Ebert would start his day off by preparing himself by watching four movies per day. Ebert dedicated his life to movies (something he loves dearly) to benefit others.Movies meant the world to him and he loved it till the end.  In the battle he fought so hard, he won because he left earth loving his passion. 

Nick Vujicic has no appendages. No arms, no legs. He was conceived with only a minor left foot that his sister named a chicken drumstick. The 27-year-old Australia local grasps his handicap and pushes his cutoff points. When asked “What is your purpose in life?”, Nick answered “To find my greater purpose, to love and be loved” (The Dallas News). If love meant a lot to Nick, he valued it greatly.

Everybody carries on with an alternate life loaded with their own individual encounters. Some live appalling lives loaded with catastrophe and turmoil, others live like Steve Jobs. These encounters we experience makes us more grounded and give our lives meaning. Significance and esteem are two totally extraordinary things. You might be the wealthiest or most achieved individual to have at any point strolled the earth however one thing stays valid for everybody, we are altogether manufactured the same. Nobody people life should worth more than any other person. Many say its hard or almost difficult to ascertain somebody’s life into financial esteem. Others tend to disagree and we acknowledge it as obvious. These individuals are our extra security organizations, when solicited the cost from human life most will let you know “it is a straightforward scientific process in view of age, physical wellbeing, and salary.

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