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Nearly 75% of the businesses demand printers but selecting the best computer for your system while keeping in mind its pros and cons is the crux of the matter. One such printer is Epson Printer whose high-volume ink bottles and ultra-low-cost printing as well as its convenient user-friendly operation won the hearts of many people and that’s why more people love this hardware cum software device. Epson Printers were designed mainly to support distinctive types as well as sizes of paper media. It may vary from A1 to A5 and so on. One such paper media supported by this printer is an envelope. It is easier to type the address and print them rather than handwriting each and every letter. If we talk about professionalism, then printing them looks more professional unlike handwritten. Epson Customer Support is available 24*7 so that you can get prompt answers to your queries. Also, you are free to ask any questions regarding this printer like How to install? What if my printer prints blank pages? Our technicians and software engineers are trained in this matter to assist you with your doubts and eradicate your menace in turn with quick solutions.How does it work?A. Pile up your printer with papers. Make sure that the printing side faces up.  The envelope must rest against the right paper guide and first insert the envelope flap.B. If your Epson printer has a thicker lever, then move on the side to the + position for handling thicker paper. Contact Epson Helpline Number to know more about thicker lever printers.C. Select the print command and open the document you want to be printed. This will make the print window appear on the screen.D. Move to the Print window and click Properties. E. You will see a drop-down menu on the screen i.e. Media Type drop-down menu. Enter “Envelope” into that.F. Similarly, enter the envelope size in “Page Size” drop-down menu.G. Save the settings and then click OK. Also, go to the print window to press OK to print your envelope.

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