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Native American culture meets the
definition of culture in the module due to their strong belief in their customs
and ceremonies, ideas and notions of the world. A village is based off of high
context relationships with one another starting from before the actual birth of
the child. Individuals who are born into the culture have a stronger connection
than those who join later in life. Our people are still very welcoming to
outsiders and are supportive of those who want to join them and learn but do
not feel spiritually connected to them. This is due to the ancestral blood that
is believed to run through the veins and emotional body of native people. Also,
there is belief that people born to native people have abilities that outsiders
do not possess.

Rituals and ceremonies preformed
primarily have to do with “natural” substances that the land around them
provides such as plants and herbs; Sage, tobacco, sweet grass traditionally
found in households and are shared throughout the community. The use of natural
substances are based on the belief that we, as people, are one with the earth
and land. Using what god and spirits have provided for us and what we can do to
give back to our surroundings. Taking care of our land as it has for us. A
major ceremony and ritual performed is called “Peyote Worship”, I myself have
seen and participated in these ceremonies. In my community, these ceremonies
were only performed by men and adolescent boys above the age of 18. Growing up
these rules have changed and have allowed women and adolescent girls to sit in
and watch the ritual take place. This ceremony takes place over night until
early dawn/early morning including high ranking leaders throughout the
community, this is said to help those in need who need guidance and a new start
in life.

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Major ideas implemented though out life and the
community is the message of family and being one with those who you are
biologically connected with and spiritually connected with. On weekend nights,
Pow-Wow’s are announced and include the entire community and outsiders who
would like to join as well. There is a strong sense of community and unity at
these get together, ancient song and dance are preformed, traditional feast and
food past down from generations are prepared, it is considered to be a big
celebration. Also, the idea as the earth being a spirit is taught throughout
childhood and adulthood. The notion that the earth is alive with spirit and
also contains the spirits of ancestors who have passed before us, there to
provide guidance and keep tradition and faith alive.

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