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Nat Turner started off as any other slave born into slavery, which includes working cotton fields, doing back breaking work and carpentry without being paid a dime, all because of the pigment in his skin. Yes, he did start off like this but little did he know he was about to grip the steering wheel of a the most outgoing and successful riot/upcoming young America has ever witnessed. Nat was a very religious christian, he prayed and prayed and to his unbelief he had what he mentioned as “visions” which meant he saw things that would either help in the future or to change the future. He could not control these no matter how hard he tried to avoid them or how tightly he closed his eyes, he took them as signs and signals from God. He interpreted them into what he thought he was born to do. Nat belonged to Benjamin Turner, his slave master. Nat’s father is thought to have ran away when he was a young child. Nothing else is really known about his father, other than that he was quite a mystery. Nat’s mother, Nancy Turner, on the other hand was a house slave which meant she swept, did dishes and dusted. Nat lived in quite dangerous times and it’s a miracles he lived as long as he did. Life expectancy of a slave was only on average 20 years, Nat survived 31 years. One day Nat had a vision, one that would bring anarchy to all of virginia. It was of a lunar eclipse, he thought it was a sign that he had to bring men and women slaves together to overthrow their masters. So Nat started discussing it with four friends of his. They had a set date for it but Nat became ill and they planned it to another day. On this day he began to gather slaves and free blacks alike to assemble a riot. They were armed with all different types of hand weapons, saws, knives, pitchforks and hatchets. The uprising was against white slave owners, the more that assembled the more the death count rose. After two long days of bloodshed the local militia shut it all down with a total of 55-65 deaths. Nat managed to escape and hide for two whole months.

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