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Name of companyBab’s CreamName of industryFood IndustryProposed research question (give at least 2 options)To what extent does a better marketing mix will affect the company?RationaleThe reason why I chose this company is that because i see a great potential in the profit maximization, I think i can help the company by improving their marketing aspects with the skills that I acquired from business management skills. I will try to improve on the marketing mix, and based on my investigation, they are lacking place and promotion skills. Areas in the syllabus to be usedMarketing(4PS Marketing Mix)(SWOT Analysis)Possible sources of informationPrimaryInterviewQuestionnaireCompany salesSecondaryWebsitesOrganizations and individuals to be approachedCEOCustomersMethods to be used to collect and analyse data Interview and Questionnaire, These methods will help me to analyse the SWOT and 4Ps of the companyAnticipated difficulties (biased data/limited data) and action plan on how to overcome themThe difficulties I might face are lack of respondents in the questionnaire and the answer might be biased.Limited DataPossible Solutions:Use secondary resources from the internetSurvey different kind of group of people so the result will be less biased. INTRODUCTIONResearch Question: To what extent does a better marketing mix will affect the company?Babs Cream has been operating since 2015, it is a new product. It is a small food company that sells ice cream with several flavours. It is operating in the neighborhood with a small networking. Most of the customer that has bought their product said that the quality was good and it is better than the other ice cream products. Until now, he is still operating in the neighborhood without any development. The company already have the strength with a good quality but i think that the company is still lacking in many aspects. I wanted to try on using different techniques using 4Ps and SWOT analysis on the company to increase their sales. The reason why I chose this company is that because i see a great potential in the profit maximization, I think i can help the company by improving their marketing aspects with the skills that I acquired from business management skills. By analysing the marketing mix 4Ps and the SWOT analysis of the company, i will be able to know what’s holding the company back and will try to maximize the profit.  Graph 1. Goods sold each Month Graph 2. Goods sold each MonthAll the graphs has shows that the sales has been all the same from year 2015, it does not show any drastic development towards the income. We can also see that since may until december, the goods that are sold to the customer each month is decreasing. In the first four months since the company has been operating, the average of the goods sold each month is 36.75 items ((42+36+34+35):4) and the next four months, which is September until December 2016 is 24 items sold each month ((32+28+12+24):4). As you can see, the average difference between the first four months and the next four month is 10.75 items. The company needs to do something to make the customer buy the product more. In order to do so, I will have to use some of the skills that I acquired from my business class to help the company in some aspects. MethodologySources of InformationReason Why?Primary Sources:Interview (CEO of the company)Questionnaire (customers) The reason for me to do the interview on the CEO is to know more about the company, like the issues that the company is facing, the strength and weakness from the company itself, does the company have other competitor? By getting to know all of this, i will have a bigger picture of what the company is dealing with.The reason for me to do the questionnaire is to get to know the customer wants and the customer needs.Possible problems: Limited point of view lack of respondents in the questionnaire and the answer might be biased.It might not be as realistic as it is Because i will only be interviewing one person of the companyBecause the questionnaire will only be spread to a small group of peoplethe company does not want to hurt their reputationTools & Theory4Ps Marketing Mix (main theory)The marketing mix is one of important aspect to help understand what the product or service can offer and how to plan for a successful product offering. The marketing mix is most commonly executed through the 4 P’s of marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, and PlaceProduct/ServiceA product is an item that is built or produced to satisfy the needs of a certain group of people. The product can be intangible or tangible as it can be in the form of services or goods.PriceThe price of the product is basically the amount that a customer pays for to enjoy it. Price is a very important component of the marketing mix definition.PromotionPromotion is a very important component of marketing as it can boost brand recognition and sales. Promotion is comprised of various elements like:Sales OrganizationPublic RelationsAdvertisingSales PromotionPlacePlacement or distribution is a very important part of the product mix definition. You have to position and distribute the product in a place that is accessible to potential buyers.SWOT AnalysisStrength: describe what an organization excels at and separates it from the competition: things like a strong brand, loyal customer base, strong balance sheet, unique technology and so on. Weaknesses: stop an organization from performing at its optimum level. They are areas where the business needs to improve to remain competitive.Opportunities: refer to favorable external factors that an organization can use to give it a competitive advantage. Threats: refers to factors that have the potential to harm an organization. Main results, analysis findings & discussionsQuestionnaire Result I have prepared 10 questions to be asked to 3 customer to get into their perspective more,  so i can see from both sides.Interview results: After a 30 minutes interview with the CEO of the company, I get to know what the problems that the company is facing, what are the strengths of the company, the weaknesses of it, the opportunities and external factors that might affect the company. I also get to know how the company is running, the products, price, place to run the business, and how is the CEO promotes his product. Here is my findings from the questionnaire from the customer and from the interview with the CEO. SWOT AnalysisSWOT AnalysisStrengthsCustomer satisfaction – customers do say they like the product that the company is selling and give positive comments by recommending the product to othersHave many return customersOriginality of the product Sole trader, which is a good thing because it is a small business, so it reduces chances of clash arguments between coworker which will slow the work rateCost advantagesWeaknessesDon’t pay much attention to marketing Don’t have a marketing planDon’t have much of a marketing budgetLimited service lines OpportunitiesNew marketing means new ideas for promotion or productsTake advantages of new trendsThreatsOther food businesses in town, competition is increasingability to have greater brand recognition from the market.The competitor expands their businesses 4Ps :Product/ServiceBab’s Cream company only provides ice cream with several flavours which are: Vanilla OreoChocolate Tim-tamVanilla Tim-tamVanilla TobleroneChocolate TobleronePriceThe prices for all of the products are the same, which is 10,000 Rp. Bab’s cream uses penetration pricing strategy. The company tries to maximize the quality of the product while having a lower cost than other competitors. It is appropriate because the demand is expected to be highly elastic; that is,if the customers are price sensitive, they will demand more product which will make the quantity increases as the price declines.PlaceBab’s cream sometimes operates in small school bazaar, mosque, and the owners house. Bab’s cream usually deliver the goods to the consumer.PromotionBab’s cream is a small company. The company only promotes the product through social media and networking. Advertise the product will need more financial which the company couldn’t afford it yet.Based on

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