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      Samuel Pepys was a publications writer who
become a mainstay of British literature. He went to Magdalen college, Cambridge
and afterwards worked in the British Admiralty. Pepys diaries were not made for
publications and wrote them in unusual shorthand which them been read for many
years. His meticulous frankness about his diaries were that more a details of
the diaries were omitted from the publications until in the 20th
century when he died.

     On the other hand, was a British playwright,
poet as well as a fiction writer, Aphra Behn who shed lots of light on worlds
history. Hard work drawn of her carrier of writing earned her a living. During  her period she ended cultural barriers and was
a role model for women authors in the generations. One time she wrote a
prologue and epilogue that bought her to trouble as she devoted most of her
writing to prose genres and translations.

      Behn carrier
rose up as she was attached to court matters which was as a result of influence
by Thomas Culpeper a British lawyer. She was then taken as a political spy in
Antwerp on behalf of king Charles II in the hands of courtier Thomas Culpeper.
She reported on the doings of English exiles who were plotting against the

      Behn many a times
used her writings to attack on various government and parliament Whigs claiming
“In public spirits call d, good o Commonwealth…so tho by different ways the
fever seizes…in all tis on and the same ad disease.” She reproached the
parliament and denied funds to the king.

      Behn become a
dramatist during her century and her work was highly regarded as more important
to the development of English novel. She is best known as to modern audiences
for short novel. Behn poetry focuses on the themes of gender sexually, family,
pleasure and love.

       Rochester is
considered as the most considerable poet and was described as the best English
satirist. His work varies in form of genre, and content. Some of the works he
has done concerns tropical concerns examples of satire of courtly affairs to
parodies of the style of his contemporaries.

       Rochester poetry shows a range of learning and
influences. Majority of the work were not published by his name until he died. His
interest made him write the followings The Empress of Morocco, The Conquest of

made a great contribution as he made model for a number of rake heroes of plays
of the period. Most in this generations referred him as “the only man on
English that had the true vein of satire”


         In conclusion,
from the above we see how different writers’ casts lights in their historical

 They glows light of
inspirations to the todays generations.




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