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My father was Aeson, the Greek King of Iolkos, Aeson. When I was very small, my half Uncle Pelias murdered my father and all of my siblings in effort to steal the throne. I was a mere infant when these atrocities occured. Fearful for my safety, my mother brought me to a centaur named Cheiron. According to various sources, my mother has several different names. No-one seems certain of who she actually was. Sadly, I do not remember her and have never been able to reconnect with her. In actuality, I do not even know what became of her. I am grateful to my Mother for saving my life. She was a brave woman.Cheiron proceeded to hide me and raise me until I was 20 years old. On my 20th birthday, I travelled Aeson to confront Pelias and to claim my rightful throne. While journeying , I came upon the River Anarous. At the bank of the river, was an old woman whom I proceeded to carry across the river. As luck would have it, the “old woman” was not actually an old woman at all. It was in fact Hera, the Queen of the Gods! Unbeknownst to me, Hera secretly blessed me for my good deed.Although I was happy to carry Hera across the river, I unfortunately lost one of my favorite sandals in the water. I hate when that happens! But, what could I do? I continued to walk all the way to locus with only one shoe. Believe me when I tell you, this was not an easy feat. Get it? FEET!! But, I digress.When I arrived at the court to meet dear Uncle Pelias, I noticed he was quite nervous at the site of me. I assumed that his nerves presented because he felt guilty about looking me in the eyes after so barbarically slaughtering my family. Interestingly, that was not the case at all. It was my missing sandal that caused him such anxiety. As it turned out, my uncle had been seeing an oracle who told him that he would lose the throne to a man with only one sandal! What are the odds? I proceeded to ask Uncle Pelious to step down and hand over the throne of Aeson to me. After all, I was the rightful heir. I fully expected him to comply with no further ado. However, such was the case. Of course not! That would have been way too easy. Uncle Pelious agreed to offer the up the throne, but he ordered me to first bring him the Golden Fleece. He told me that the completion of this task would prove my worth. In hindsight, I can’t for the life of me figure out why I agreed to this? The throne was rightfully mine. Pelius was a murderer. Why should I have agreed top offer him the Golden Fleece? Well, chalk it up to the naivete of youth.And so, I assembled a group of my hero friends to help me acquire the Golden Fleece. At the time, I had a ship named Argo. I called my newly founded “hero group” the Argonauts after my ship. The Golden Fleece was not exactly located in close proximity. It was located far away in the mythical region of Colchis. We made many stops on the way to Colchis.Our first stop was the island of Lemnos. Lucky for us, Lemnos was occupied by a group of sex starved women. Apparently, Aphrodite cursed them because she was not feeling properly”worshipped”. While under the curse, the women all murdered their husbands and were then banished to Lemnos. Since that time, the curse had been lifted, so we decided to hang out for a while. Many of our new female companions found themselves pregnant. Thus, an entirely new race was born: the Minyans. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!The next stop was the land of the Doliones. After our pleasant experience in Lemnos, we expected that this visit would follow suit. We were greeted by the Doliones with hospitable warmth. They told us that we could easily garner supplies just past Bear Mountain where a group of giants lived. The group of giants called themselves Gegeines.It is with a heavy heart that I proceed with the events to followed. While the Argonauts were looking for supplies, the Gegeines attacked my ship. One of the Argonaughts, Heracles, managed to kill many of the giants. Later that night, we set sail. Unfortunately, our navigation was off and we found ourselves back on the island of the kind-hearted Doliones. Because of the navigational confusion, we did not realize where we were. We mistook the Dominoes for enemies and attacked them. We inadvertently murdered many of the Doliones in the battle that followed. Upon the realization of our tragic error, the following day, we held funerals for the slain. It was a difficult time for us all.Next, my quest for the Golden Fleece brought my men and I to the land of Thrace which was ruled by King Phineus who had been blinded by Zeus. Upon our arrival we discovered that he was plagued by a group of food stealing monsters known as Harpies. My men and I assisted the king in ridding Thrace of these overgrown pests upon their next pantry raid. As a show of gratitude, King Phineus told meexactly where Colchis was. He went on to inform me that there were clashing rocks (known as there Symplegades), and he gave me a schematic of how to get Argo through the potential ship crushing cliffs of rocks. The schematic revolved around the releasing of a dove. King Phineus me to release a dove and see if it would make it through. Thankfully, the dove made it, sans a few tail feathers! Argo made it through with only a few bumps and bruises.And so, Colchis was within reach. When we arrived at Colchis, I was hopeful that King Aeetes would hand over the long sought after Golden Fleece. I was quickly disappointed. The king tasked me with three more trials to accomplish prior to giving me the fleece. Of course he did! The first of the challenges was to yoke fire breathing bulls. The second challenge was to sow Dragon’s teeth in a field. After sowing said teeth, an army of stone soldiers grew up from the soil. I had my hands full! The third was to steal the Golden Fleece from a sleeping dragon.Because I was in Hera’s good graces, she convinced Aphrodite and Eros to cast a spell on Medea (Aeete’s) daughter. the spell enabled Medea to fall in love with me and intern help me through my three challenges. We were successful, indeed! After accomplishing our goal, the Argonaughts and I decided to leave. Medea, tagged along. Her father, Aeetes, followed us to try to get the Golden Fleece back. However, in an effort to stop him, Medea murdered her brother and threw his dismembered body into the sea. Devastated by this act, Aeetes began to recover the pieces of his son. Thus, we all got away without any recourse. In hind sight, that event should have been a gigantic red flag for me with regard to Medea. But, as they say “hindsight is twenty- twenty.”Zeus was quite disappointed in Medea’s conduct. Although we made a clean escape, the journey was filled with peril insight by Zeus. But, we were able to persevere and maker it back to Greece. I claimed the throne and all was well, until…the shit hit the preverbal fan. You see, the towns people did not like the fact that Medea had magical powers. We were forced to leave Iolkos. We fled to Corinth and it was there that I met the would be love of my life Creusa. She happened to be the daughter of the King of Corinth. The King offered Creusa to me and I of course took him up on his offer. Well, as you might imagine, this did not go well on many levels.The gods were furious with me because I had broken my vows to Medea. Medea was furious (and that is the understatement of the millennial). Medea, in all of her chemically imbalances glory, decides she will take revenge on me at any cost. She proceeded to murder the two sons that we shared, Creusa, and later herself. There are dark days and there are dark days. This was something far worse. As for Medea’s fate, she ascended to Mount Olympus and later married Achilles. Incidentally, I heard he shrugged with his heels. Perhaps it was a stone bruise?My fate, was not so kind. devastated by my loss, I ultimately made my way back to Iolkos. It was there that I came upon my old ship, Argo. The sight of the ship combined with mu utter depression caused me to sit down beside the boat and weep. Unluckily, the rotten beam of the ship broke of due to my dramatic sobs and hit me in the head. I died instantaneously.BIBLIOGRAPHY

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