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My decision to apply for MS in business analytics has
emerged, both from my passion for research and my aspiration to understand the
languages of IT and data management. My natural interest towards mathematics
since childhood along with my strong base and competency in electronics and communication engineering would
be an added advantage to perform the complex calculations and logic involved in
business analytics. Business analytics offers
unlimited scope of big data analytics, innovate & create global business
value through latest cutting-edge techniques which I intend to learn in the MS
from USA, a research based highly developed economy. I believe the MS Program
at your esteemed university is of paramount importance for me to succeed in my
goal of entrepreneurship, which in turn, will fulfill twin objectives – helping
society through job creation besides an outlet for my creativity.


During my four years of under graduation in
electronics and communication engineering from____________________, I learnt
about the various topics concerning the field of computer science. They were
the best four years of my life as a lot of my questions regarding these topics
have been answered and it broadened the horizons of my learning. My course
provided me with a lot of exposure like operating systems, system programming,
computer networks, but I wanted to learn more. I wanted to get a deeper
understanding of the subject like big data, data analytics, as under graduation
ignited in me, a passion to learn about the different aspects of computers.
Hence, to pursue further research in my areas of interest, I would like to do
my Masters in business analytics. I strongly believe that pursuing Masters
would enhance my skills and give me a broader perspective on methods of solving
problems that would help me in my future endeavors.

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In my UG
studies, I did numerous projects during my academics. I did mini project
on Smart Car Parking system. I also devoted time in writing codes,
batches and snippets test my abilities which helped to hone my
programming skills. My excellent coding curiosity, data management has evolved
a passion for it. Subsequently, I completed my project on Parameter Extraction
and Denoising of Eog signals. Involving designing, coding, developing and
maintaining control systems through computer applications has
motivated my confidence in computer technology as well as knowledge of
best practices in that area. This
project has developed further my design and development skills and to be a
better team player.


During my
tenure, I completed my Internship at ECIL (Electronics Corporation of
India limited). During this stint, I was exposed
organizational structure as well as time management also I learnt new
innovative technologies.


My appetite for knowledge
used to drive me beyond the confines of classrooms into explored new vistas
through workshops and seminars.  I
completed CCNA certification. I learnt about
routing, switching network and system security. I completed course on
Embedded Systems. I was exposed to various
technologies that have brought a revolution in the field of design and
development. Also I have participated
Workshops on Internet of Things, Quadcopter. This
has been successful in creating a positive
learning experience with a wide range of
core metrics.



My performances in the examinations and quizzes I got
opportunity to work as a Trainee Software Engineer with GGK Tech. The decision
to study business analytics has been bolstered by practical experiences from my
employment. Understanding
client requirements, designing and implementing with effective and efficient coding
practices, maintaining data and applications, preparing documentations has greatly improved my skills of analysis and logic as well as SDLC.


Providing technical development
within a time constraint added to my knowledge about data analytics, customer
relationship and quality. Handling users and resolving issues, selection of
precise technology, apt resources, negotiation, estimation of time, cost control
has increased further my organizational /project management curiosity. During
this tenure, I learned how data analytics can support to expand business
revenue and used for numerous critical business decisions based on previous
data. I was learned to word under time constraints, how to visualize
abstract concepts and to apply it in industrial data projects in real time. I
have always shown interest to learn and foray in new emerging technologies in
the data Security, data mining field. A
deep contemplation has widened my horizons business analytics and data
techniques have induced my interest to pursue higher studies.


Taking part in various activities like elocution,
quizzes, anchoring , sports and other talent, acquiring
activities has always been my forte – kept me very active and has shaped me to
be an all-rounder. Throughout my career, I
believe that I am a born leader, which is evident from the leadership position like
student chapter of IETE. I am a Member of college short film club “VJ Teatro”. Also
I worked as a member with Phoenix Era, social welfare organization. Organized
and participated in various technical, cultural, social events have allowed me
to nurture my interpersonal communication skills, leadership qualities. I am a
person who loves to go the extra mile for people and was engaged many
humanitarian workshops for spreading literacy to under privileged as a
volunteer with Gramabharathi, NGO in most social activities in my college
during my study there.


My desire to pursue my
higher studies in the USA is because it has the most dynamic ambiance,
which will shape me as a better thinker and a passionate learner. I strongly
rely that university of_______ is best suited for me to quench my thirst in
research. A university with ample opportunities for its students is the one
which will help me in learning and university of ________ is the perfect
university for this.  I hope you will
give me a chance to
learn from the world class faculty & interact with students from different
cultural backgrounds of the world at the University of ________. The
flexibility of the business analytics subjects and choice of research will
provide me the extensive education to widen my analytical and practical skills.


On completion of my studies as above, I wish to
contribute significantly by working with leading companies as a data analyst while
gaining experience of self.
This should ultimately help realize my dream of starting an own venture in my
field of passion. Such an exposure will mold me
into a global leader, fulfill my stated purpose of life and leave a legacy for
the future generations.

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