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My third favorite advertisement is a BIG BUBBLE. The poster be composed by of a mother bird the takes charge of the eggs. Accidentally a leaves  egg comes in the nest and mix up with the chick eggs. Later the eggs are soft, bird comes to know that it’s a left but it takes care of it equally like its other children. When the children are set to learn to fly, they go to a hilltop and the mom bird leaves its children in the sky. Since they can’t fly, it falls over. The mom bird and the other birds are in shock that it had fell down.  the tortoise also flies with the help of the bubble blown eating big bubble.The poster was so lively like showing the mom bird like a classic house wife with a bindi. The actual meaning of the poster lies where the they comes up with the bubble mingling with other birds. It shows that big bubble helped the to blend they with other birds and likewise we can also have more and more friends sharing big bubble.When we ride four wheelers we usually go to our “special” spot but it’s just a couple of jumps behind a lot of trees that you literally have to go on a treasure hunt just to find it. When you finally find it, it is so much fun you can do jumps or you can race somebody it’s just a blast. My cousin and I usually race because we are pretty competitive when it comes to things like that.Chewing gum increases saliva Chew mint-flavoured gum at the end of the meal, or brush your teeth with a mint toothpaste. You’ll be amazed at how you are no longer attracted by this piece of cheesecake or that big brownie. When you need to attend a party or function with a tempting surveyed recommend sugarless gums for their patients who chew gum.For ages, chewing gum represented popular pastime that was used all over the world. From the prehistoric men and women who chowed lumps of tree resin for enjoyment, Ancient Greeks who used tree resin to clean their teeth and freshen their breath, Maya Indians who used gummed chicle, and Europeans and American settlers who used hardened tree sap and beeswax. Sadly, even though use of chewing gum can undoubtedly have many positive effects, it can also endanger us. To begin with, chewing gum makes the students more alert. In the article Chewing Gum in School it says, “It also increases the glucose level, making the student more alert.” Chewing gum keeps the student awake, it gets the kid thinking. Chewing gum makes the student’s brain function.

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