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My interest in Midwifery first started after I watched the documentary
” Sister” by Brenda Davis which voices the story of health workers from
Ethiopia, Cambodia and Haiti, showing how they stay strong while working under challenging
circumstances and showing maternal and infant death as a human rights issue, I realised
all women should have the opportunity to informed choices in pregnancy, labour
and in the post-natal period and  should
receive supportive and professional care to aid them in their time of need.

However maternal mortality remains a heavy burden, for
example in sub-Saharan Africa many mothers pass away, leaving nearly one
million African children motherless. The causes being that around half of
African women are unable to receive basic prenatal care and more than half of deliveries
take place without medical assistance, but a skilled midwife can prevent this.

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My interests has been sustained by currently studying
Psychology and Health and Social Care and I believe what I have learnt in these
subjects can be applied to midwifery because in Psychology you learn about
attachments to do with the mother and baby such as Interactional synchrony which
is a form of rhythmic interaction between infant and caregiver involving mutual
focus, emotions or behaviour. I also learnt about maternal deprivation which is
continual disruption of the attachment between infant and primary caregiver
(e.g. mother) could result in mental, social, and emotional difficulties for
that infant and how it affects them in their adult lives.

In Health and Social you learn about sexual health,
reproduction and early development stages such as gestation which refers to the
period from when the ovum is fertilised up till the birth of the baby, this is
divided into three trimesters: first trimester (1-12 weeks), second trimester (13-27
weeks) and the third trimester (28-40 weeks). The part that interests me most
is the birth process because there are different ways to give birth such as
water birth and caesarean, I also like postnatal care of the mother for ten
days after she has given birth because during this time you can bond with the
mother and discuss any concerns she may have.

I read journals such as British Journal of Midwives, Midirs
and Elsevier. I read an article on early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their
new-born infants which gave me a greater understanding on the importance of
physical contact between mothers and their infants.

I look forward to learning how to care for and nurture new-born
babies as well as those with complex needs, and be introduced to pathophysiology
in the setting of pregnancy and childbirth.

I did work experience in “Once upon a time” nursery with 2-4
year olds where I learnt caring skills and improved on my communication skills.
The area it helped me improve in is my communication skills as I have learnt to
adapt my way of interacting to suit the needs of different children. I also
learnt to be more patient and listen to the children and their body language.

I was also a Christmas temp in sports direct where I learnt
problem solving skills and how to remain calm under stressful situations, also
it  improved my team working skills as I
had to communicate with my colleagues to see what tasks needed to be done and
if I made a mistake on the tils.

Last year I went to Jamaica and went in a hospital in
Kingston. It gave me a greater understanding of different culture and health
practices and to have an open mind.

As a midwife I look ahead to being able to care for women
regardless of age, circumstances, religion and culture and in different
settings. Although midwifery is a challenging career I want to help other women
and their families through one of the most sensitive moments in their lives and
I will do it with love, care and dedication.

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