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desire for this course has developed from a lesson in construction, we were
assigned to research the hierarchy of the industry. This is when I first became
aware of the role of a Quantity Surveyor. What attracted me to the position is
that Surveying involves problem-solving in a mathematical way. I really enjoy
my course in Product Design, where I not only design but also use my
problem-solving skills to overcome many challenges, this is similar in Core
mathematics in context. When a person sees a building they do not question how
it was made or ask what was involved, this piqued my interest.

role of a Quantity Surveyor involves costing and budgeting of which I have a
more in-depth understanding of having taken Business. Within Unit 2, I Surveyed
variance within budgets and actual costs. The role also involves contracting, I
have gained knowledge of this from Construction lessons, and In Unit 1, which
also concerns legalisations regarding health, safety and contracts. The courses
I am currently taking have been greatly relevant and they are continually assisting
my knowledge to enable me to follow the role further.

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is something that I have a great interest in, not only as a future job but as a
past time. I have been to Exhibitions such as Eco Build as well as spending
time working with my father improving our home by tiling our bathroom and
repairing the roof. This gives me actual practical knowledge regarding house
construction and has assisted me in gaining an insight into timekeeping within
a budgeting frame. The costs of the tiles and the volumes required was a taster
of where my skills are utilized well. I am currently with my father’s company,
MM Plumbing and Heating, I work with him during the weekend for experience as a
general assistant. I help with; measurements, ensuring the correct tools are
used for the task at hand, as well as dealing with customers, whilst maintaining
and monitoring health and safety at all times.

do a lot of research in my free time, a particular interest I have is the rise
of non-mainstream methods such as the company Huff Haus (est. 1922). Their
homes have developed massively as they are made mainly from glass. Observing
these homes being built interests me greatly, I recently read an article that
the government will be funding 100,000 new homes that are to be prefabricated
to meet the country’s housing demands. Seeing great projects being made such as
the: Shard and the work in progress the Jeddah Tower brings out a desire for a
construction role. To potentially be part of a project remotely similar to
these would be a dream come true.

know that it is important for a Quantity Surveyor to have great observation and
general reasoning skills, due to the fact that they have a highly important
role in any project and need to be able to negotiate and give instructions to
others. I have been appointed many roles in the school in which I would have to
be an observer who takes action and has confidence. Examples are Sixth Form
School Council, Form and House Representative. I have also attended several youth
debates in the Town Hall as well as helping with open days for construction
just to name a few. This has increased my confidence when talking to others as
well as learning the importance of clear and concise speech. I can prioritise
information and be delegate in my conversations with others.

am an energetic and determined person, this is shown in my studies and my other
interests. I believe the effort I put into everything I do makes me a
dependable and reliable person. I am enthusiastic and approachable to discuss
and take on board others points of view. I am very focused along with being
able to work alone and work well in a team or as a team leader.  My interests in construction and design have
matured over the past few years. I am excited to get started in the
construction industry by completing the University Course and I feel these
qualities make me a worthy candidate.






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