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My Values as an individual and professional values

   Values are central to being human: nothing we do is unconnected with values. If we want to

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understand, and be able to work with people, then we need to have an understanding of the

complexities of values in people’s lives. Any attempt to understand people that do not  

consider the values dimension is doomed to failure as values are so central to everything we

do, both as individuals and professional social workers.”Moss et al. (2008, p.186)

The above statement is clearly saying that as an individual, our values plays an important part

in our every day decisions, action or in the way we behave generally. Our values can be made

up of religious, ethical, cultural, political or just personal beliefs. For example, it is my

cultural belief that I must respect the elderly and people in position of power, however as a

social worker; I must respect everyone regardless of their age or position as respect is a

fundamental rules of the profession. This could be a problem because if  I believe that

someone in a higher position than myself have done something wrong and I didn’t challenge

that persons decision; this could lead to a bad practice and could affect decision making.  

As a social worker, I must think carefully about my values in every aspect of my conducts, not just as a professional or when working with service users. Code 5.8 states that a social worker must not “behave in a way, in work or outside work, which would call into question your suitability to work in social care services”. (General Social Care Council, 2010). The Professional Capabilities framework also made emphasises on the importance of values to the profession: “Social workers must understand the professions ethical principles and their relevance to practice. Demonstrate awareness of own personal values and how these can impact on practice” (College of social work 2012, PCF Domain 2) online

Being a social worker, I must always put aside my personal values and beliefs and adhere to that of the profession so as to deliver a smooth and fair service to the service users. I also have to practice in a reflective way at all times as this will help me develop myself and learn from previous experiences. This essay as really helped me to reflect on what my expectations should be and how practice my profession in a fair manner. 

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