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Musculoskeletal disorders or
MSDs are injuries and issues that have an effect on the human body’s movement
or musculoskeletal system (i.e. muscular tissues, tendons, ligaments, nerves,
discs, blood vessels, etc.).

use the time period “musculoskeletal disease” because
it accurately describes the trouble. Other not unusual name for MSDs are “repetitive movement injury”, “repetitive strain harm”, “overuse harm” and
many extra. The hassle with using that form
of terminology is that it implicates a novel reason for damage to the musculoskeletal device – repetition and pressure.
This is limiting because increasingly
more studies is pointing to multiple causative risk factors leading
to MSDs.

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When a worker is uncovered to
MSD factors, they begin to fatigue. When fatigue outruns their frame’s
restoration system, they increase a musculoskeletal imbalance. Over time, as
fatigue maintains to outrun healing and the musculoskeletal imbalance persists,
a musculoskeletal disorder develops .

design plays a crucial role in the development of an MSD. When a worker is
requested to do work that is outdoor his frame’s competencies and limitations,
he’s being requested to place his musculoskeletal device at risk. In these
conditions, an objective evaluation of the computing device design tells us the
worker’s restoration system will not be able to maintain up with the fatigue as
a way to be due to acting the job. The evaluation will tell us that ergonomic
danger factors are present, the worker is liable to growing a musculoskeletal
imbalance and a musculoskeletal disease is an impending reality. Exposure to
these workplace chance factors puts people at a better level of MSD threat. People
are multi-dimensional. Limiting ourselves to a unique motive of MSDs will
restrict our capability to create a prevention approach that addresses the
multi-dimensional worker.

            Wealth, property and even friends if lost can be acquired
again, but a human body will never be the same as it is when you will not take
a full care of your health. The body is vital source of experiences. Without
it, nothing can be done and can never make a start.

musculoskeletal examination for a patient presenting with any pain is to classify
the patient according to the condition he/she acquire. Presence of fractures,
pathologies, infection and ankylosing
spondylitis is important to screen these above mentioned conditions.
Non-specific pain accounts for over ninety percent of patients presenting to
primary care and these are the majority of the individuals with pain that
present to physiotherapy (Spine et. al.,

human body is also a clock marking time and passages of life. It ticks away the
seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months and years (  Radio Sai E-magazine, 2004 ). When it is not
properly maintained, the body will experience problems and deficiencies that
will anchor the journey of difficulty and suffering. This body undergoes a various
physiologic changes through time to time. These changes accompanied with organ
failures and even presence of 
pathologies is never exactly the same as that of other individuals.
These ageing variations is affected by heredity, lifestyle choices, physical
health, and attitude, making it highly individualized ( Merril’s Atlas,
2012).   These bodily deviations
experiences may lead to deformities, malformations and irregularities to the

men or women are equally affected by any pain in our bodies. The causes are
contributed randomly among adults who has elevate  risk factors of the mentioned condition. One
of the most common cause is the job-related disability, because this
contributes weighs in experiencing range of intensity from a dull, constant
ache to sudden, sharp sensation that leads the person incapacitated.

            The annual mortality rate per
100,000 people from musculoskeletal disorders in Philippines has increased by 63.4% since 1990, an average of
2.8% a year. Though this has been the trend overall, adjust the filters at the
top of the visualization to see how the mortality rate for musculoskeletal
disorders has changed over time for men and women of specific age groups in
Philippines. (Helath Grove Statistics) 

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