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is believed to be a messenger of Allah and the founder of the Islamic religion.
He is known as the final prophet who confirmed the monotheistic teachings of
Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. He always referred to himself only as a
prophet, and never said to have had supernatural abilities. Born in Mecca,
Muhammad was believed to receive his first revelation from Allah at the age of
forty. Three years after his first encounter he started preaching the “Word of Allah”
and writing his knowledge down in what we now know as the Quran. When he first
started preaching he was met with hostility from the Meccan people, and even
had to leave town when he got word of his planned assassination. He is also
known for uniting the entire Arabian Peninsula under the Islamic teachings. He
explained that to live an acceptable life you must obey Allah in every aspect.

of Nazareth is a Jewish prophet and centerpiece to the Christian religion. He
is believed to be the son of God, as well as the religions messiah. Jesus was
the earthly son of the blessed virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph the worker. Since
birth his calling was to be a physical representation of God. He spent the
majority of his life traveling and teaching his beliefs and the word of the
Lord. Although he was never widely accepted during his time on earth, he is one
of the most well-known and followed people to date. He faced many trials and
tribulations, but always stayed positive and all of his actions reflected the
Lord. Being of two natures, both divine and human, Jesus was known to preform
many different miracles. One of his most well-known miracles is shown in the
Bible in Matthew 14: 22-33, where he defies the laws of physics and walks on
water. Throughout his life Jesus exemplified positivity through his actions as
well as his teachings.

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major difference between these two men was their attitude toward those who
decided to not participate/believe in their teachings. In the Quran, Muhammad
believed it was best to strive against those who have other ideas of faith or a
high power. He used judgment as a force of belittlement to those who chose not
to listen. Jesus instead, chose to listen to those who did not care for him and
pray for them. He used the different mindsets of others as a tool instead of a
target. Muhammad enforced his role as “just a prophet,” but instead depreciated,
rather than helped you if you did not follow. It is and has been imposed on
society to not judge others based on race, religion, or status. The absence of
judgement reciprocates unity which in the end, is the basis of both men’s
teachings. However, the way that each man went about it, is separates the two.

second topic I will compare and contrast these two on is peace and violence.
Both Jesus and Muhammad were very successful in getting their messages to
spread and uphold throughout the years. Although they are both remembered for
the positives they have left behind, Jesus and Muhammad used two different
approaches. Jesus was known to spread his word peacefully, while Muhammad was
known to use force. We see many instances in the Quran where Muhammed used, or
permitted the use of violence. He believed and taught that anyone who had
polytheistic or different views was condemned to die. Muhammed stated, “And fight
them until there is no more persecution and religion is only for Allah” (Quran
8:39). He was also involved in four different wars throughout his life. One of
which, he assembled a ten-thousand-man army and raided his birth city Mecca. In
another part of the Quran he also stated, “If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you,
Transgress ye likewise against him” (Quran 2:194). However, Jesus took an
opposite approach in the way he lived his life, and taught the word.  In the New Testament it states, “If someone
strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” (Matthew 5:39).
Jesus never was recorded of using any type of violence, or negativity to help
benefit his agenda. He used his words and tried to reason with his opposition
rather than execute them. Even when Jesus was tortured and beaten, he did not
tell his followers to rebel, rather to trust in God’s plan. Jesus states, “Love your enemies and pray for those who
persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). Both men are considered successful
historically, but the ways they approached living their lives and the lives of
their followers, were much different.

These men possess many similarities in the
ways in which they impacted their respective religions, but were significantly
different in the way they lived their lives. It is said that Jesus is known as
the ‘Prince of Peace’ and Muhammed as the ‘Prophet of War’. I believe these two
sayings to be very accurate, and a good representation of each. Muhammed was
much more forceful and did not accept other beliefs. He was the ignitor for
many wars, and also believed in religious jihad. Jesus on the other hand
accepted everyone, no matter their actions or beliefs. Everything he did
reflected peace, harmony, and being neighborly. From a societal
standpoint I believe Jesus has made a larger impact because his attitude about
differences between humans is imposed in many different environments today. He
lived by what many people today know as the ‘Golden Rule”. He treated others,
no matter their differences, how he would want to be treated. In the present
day whether someone is a believer in religion or not, I believe our society accepts
Jesus’ actions and teachings more so than Muhammad’s.


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