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Module 1 Discussion Board: The Fight
Against Global Pandemics

Answer 1

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main aspects which are to be considered include uniqueness, complexity as well
as risk of the program which no doubt make it an international program. The
characteristics of Global Avian Influenza Program which make it an
international program are multiple such as majority of stakeholders as well as
their interests which vary geographically. The complexity of stakeholder’s
interests can be considered as a characteristic which makes the program an
international characteristic (Köster, 2009). The risk associated
with operating the Global Avian Influenza program in a developing country is
amplified because of the fact that there can be some political as well as
economic changes which can impact the entire process.

Answer 2

main stakeholders which are included in the Global Program are national as well
as government institutions, World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Food
and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations.

Answer 3

The key
success criteria for this international Global Avian Influenza program include
the extent to which this global agenda can achieve its outcomes. The
coordination, support and control of the strategies such as reviewing
information, developing lessons learned about the previous projects,
implementing and analyzing the lessons learned and reviewing the information
regarding research findings of the disease can aid in achieving the outcome of
the program (Freedman, 2008). In order to
implement the disease control plan and develop it, it is necessary to work with
the national institutions by developing constructive partnerships because the
success of an international program solely depends on the stakeholders and
their interests. This is why the strategy as well as policy of the specific
country must be assessed before implementation in order to make sure that the
policy is socially, economically and politically acceptable. The success criteria
depend on the participation of stakeholders, procedure and resources within a
country where the program is being implemented.

















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International Projects. International journal of project management,

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New York: SAGE.

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