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Mobile technology in the mold of smartphones, tablets, and laptops is correctly what the name suggests – technology that can be carried by anyone, anywhere at anytime to perform a wide-range of “work.” It has boosted people’s lives in many different facets. According to a report published by T-Mobile, 75% of smartphone users say that their phone has made it painless to plan and organize their day-to-day routine, and to be productive while sitting in traffic, traveling a long journey or standing in a queue. Today with the help of social media like Facebook and Snapchat, we are always connected to our family, friends and millions of other people, no matter what we are doing and where we are living. At a very minimal cost, we can also exchange messages, get all sorts of notifications and share information like texts, pictures, and videos by just owning one of the many forms of mobile technology along with an internet connection.As it is an era of smartphones, communication has become so easy than ever before. It brings people much closer to each other through social apps, texting, sharing videos, voice calls, and any other general activities. Also, it gives users various ways to stay in touch with people to satisfy different needs. People have the opportunity to choose the most adequate and convenient way for themselves to contact friends and family. I use it to connect with my family living across the country whom I am not able to contact regularly. I have also fortified friendships with people in my community because of it. And I have truly been in contact with people who are familiar to me throughout my life; in the period before social media we would have most likely lost our contact with the loved ones, eventually forgetting each other’s names and all past conversations.Mobile technology is truly amazing. It helps people to unknot their alternative time by giving them various entertainment options. Unlike the phones in 90’s which cannot do anything more than just making a phone call, today people can use it to surf the Internet, play online games, read e-newspapers, take videos and photos, and so on. Texting on phones and iPad has also made an enormous influence on communication with the deaf and for the deaf. In addition, the mobile technology also supports people’s duty through different forms. With mobile devices, people can search for an answer to almost any kind of questions on the Internet, which will lead them to gain the spirit to do creative analyzing. It’s a bookmark in history to trustfully take an advice from a stranger online on how to prepare for a high-tech interview on Quora, connect with like-minded people through groups on Facebook, learn the ups and downs of the industry on Google, within a short space of time all due to advancing mobile technology.Nowadays if something significant happens, we quickly roll out our mobile devices and get the recent updates, whether it’s about weather emergency, a crisis, or some historic moment. Each individual stuck in straitened circumstances voice can now be heard and reached out for help when regional cataclysm strikes. For the first time in the history, these people are not alone and they can share their extremity using mobile communication through text, phone call and most importantly, images and videos, which can effectuate a positive change.In conclusion, whether through a text message, phone call, email, social network or some other form of communication, we are always connected to those we know because of the mobile devices. Mobile technology has both good sides and bad sides but the most important issue is how to use it properly. Only by using it properly, people’s lives will improve and become more convenient, effective, and beneficial. Hence, we are advancing on the right path when it comes to mobile technology as smartphones and tablets are responsible for bringing the originality into our lives, get people connected and save some time by assisting us in simple tasks.

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