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Mobile health is one of the most developing segment of mobile application industry. MHealth started to grow rapidly approximately 10 years ago and tends to continue growing these days. By the year 2017 roughly 325,000 health applications are present in the major application stores. Compare to the last year amount of medical applications in the mobile application market increased with the number of 78,000. However, the most part of the applications in this segment is developed for Android operating system. MHealth products for Android operating system met the growth rate of 50% after 2016. In case of IOS operating system, the amount of health applications grew with only 20% the last year. (Research2guidance, 2017.)

The amount of 325,000 medical applications in 2017 met the expectation to get 3.7 billion estimated downloads. This fact demonstrates the rise of 16%. The download growth is mostly supported by two operating system platforms Android and IOS. Android has the greatest amount of mHealth applications downloads by this year.The role of other  operating system platforms in the industry is miserable. The demand for medical applications is meeting the supply these days. (Research2guidance, 2017.)

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The number of mhealth application publishers increased with the rate of 45% in 2017. This trend demonstrates that mobile application developers face the increasing of supply in the market and decreasing the demand. The second important reason of the mHealth market grows is the steady rise of start-up organizations. In 2016 it was invested nearly $5.4 billion into mobile health start-up companies. (Research2guidance, 2017.)

According to the data from Research2guidanca report (2017) the best market conditions for mHealth be met in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. United States and United Kindom have the leading position in the rating due to high indicators of GDP, population size and the total amount of healthcare cost. (Research2guidance, 2017.) The figure 3 demonstrates the level of market attractiveness in percentage for different countries.

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