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Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that happens when
melanocytes turn cancerous pigment cells that are found within the skin.
Melanoma can be found in the eye and in the intestine even though its rare,
Melanoma is very rare in dark skin people, it’s really dangerous because it
spreads. Melanoma develops on  any part
of the skin, even though most parts are prone than other for example:  The chest and back for males, and the legs or
females. Most common sites melanoma can be found is on the face and neck.


In 2017 about 87,100 people was diagnosed with melanoma.
Within the 87,100 new Pt 34,940 was females and 52,100 where males. 9730
people  where expected to die of
melanoma. Within the 9,730 people that was expected to die. 3,350 where females
and 6,380 where males. Symptoms of melanoma are: skin changes, sores that fails
to heal, spots are sore that becomes painful, itchy, tender or bleed. Spots
that looks smooth or pale, a flat red spot that is rough, dry are scaly.

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Melanoma is caused  by
high number of moles, density or tendency that develops freckles after sun
exposure. Melanoma affects anyone that hits puberty, being a female. Also
affects people have had an organ transplant. You should avoid overexposure to
the sun, also try to prevent sunburns by using sunburn lotions, not being in
the son for a long period. This also includes anything with UV rays such as
tanning beds.


There are 5 major factors you should look out for when
dealing with melanoma and they are: Border, this is an irregular rather than smooth
feeling for example ragged or notched. Asymmetric a normal mole than often
round and symmetrical. Color, melanomas varies when it comes down to color.
These color goes from black, brown, tan even white or blue pigments. Diameter,
they change in sizes of moles it tends to be larger than a normal mole.
Evolving this is when the mole tends to change in appearance over weeks and


If  your doctor
suspects cancer he or she would use a microscopic tool to visualize a lesion, a
biopsy will be performed.  TNM stages
also known as stages as cancer  goes
from: T score from 0-4 for thickness of tumor, N score from 0-3 for lymph nodes
that are affected, M score is based on the metastatic to other parts of the
body, MO means no metastases found, M1a, M1b, M1c these indicates vary degree
of metastasis.


Treatments for melanoma can be often be surgically removed.
If  the melanoma covers a large amount of
skin a skin graft procedure will take place. Less common treatments than can be
performed are: Chemotherapy, biological therapy and radiation therapy. To help
prevent melanoma vitamin D  plays an
important  nutrient.

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