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Medical MarijuanaKierra D WassonTulsa Tech What is it?Medical marijuana is any part of a marijuana plant used to treat health problems.People who choose to use marijuana legally use it to get relief from their symptoms, not to get high. Most marijuana strains that are sold legally contain the same chemical called THC. Marijuana strains that contain high amounts of this are the types that people use when they want to get high from it. However, medical marijuana is specifically grown to have less of the chemical, so that you can still get relief from your symptoms but are not getting the high. (Martin, 2016). Medical Marijuana can be used in many different ways. Some of those ways include smoking, oils, pills, vapors, lotions, cooking in food, or even brewing into a drink. (Martin, 2016). Many people when they think about marijuana they automatically assume it is being smoked, but as mentioned that is only one out of the many ways in can be used. Some people may think there is not a way they or someone they know with a physical disability can use marijuana, but that is simply not the case in this type of medicine. There is a way out there for anyone to be able to use it.                                          How does it work on the brain?When marijuana is smoked the effect of it is felt almost immediately and the effect can from one up to three hours. (Martin, 2016). After it has been used in whichever form you choose to do so, it enters the bloodstream. After that it reaches the brain which releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine causes you to feel happy and relaxed. Many people use marijuana after they return home from work so they can be in the comfort and privacy of their home and follow up with a good night’s rest.                                How can you get marijuana?Some states in the U.S have already legalized the use of medical and in some cases recreational use of marijuana. If it is legal in your state then all you have to do get medical marijuana is have a doctor write you a prescription for it then you can buy it from a dispensary or authorized seller. (Hoffmann, 2010). The FDA has approved two drugs that contain marijuana ingredients that may help your condition and can be made available for you. (MHS, 2015).                                  The effects of marijuana. Marijuana has both long and short term effects. Some short term effects include the disruption of your short term memory and decision making. Larger doses can cause hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, and it can make bronchitis worse. Some long term effects are respiratory problems, addiction, and development of a mental illness. (Martin, 2016). Overall, the negative side effects of marijuana on the body are a lot less than most other drugs that are legal and taken by many people every day. Not to mention it is one of the safest drugs out there considering no one has ever overdosed or died and marijuana be the cause of it. There is a popular story of a guy who blew the smoke from it into his child’s face it her seizures stopped. The effects of this drug are life changing for some people. It’s effects have been studied and even seen to treat glaucoma, nausea, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, epilepsy, and inflammation. (45 Interesting Facts About Marijuana, 2018).                              What kind of people use medical marijuana?All kinds of people suffering from some of the millions of medical disabilities choose to use medical marijuana as a treatment. (MHS, 2015).  There are stories of parents using it on their children to treat disorders such as epilepsy since the medication they were prescribed did not treat their symptoms. Many people who have trouble eating use it to help their appetite. Some common reasons that recreational users use is to help with their anxiety, to relax, or to aid them in achieving a good night’s rest. People who suffer from chronic pain conditions or have a condition where opiates no longer help manage their pain can use it to get some much needed relief. Cancer patients can use it to get some relief from the nausea caused by chemotherapy and to assist them in getting through the mental and physical pain cancer causes. (Martin, 2016).                                   Cons of medical marijuanaWe have discussed many of the pros and benefits, now let’s discuss some of the downsides. Marijuana has many strains that contain different amounts of THC and other chemicals. THC does have some effects on your motor skills such as making your reaction time slower, impairing your decision making skills, and speeding up your heart rate. Marijuana being legal would make it very easy to get behind the wheel while a person is having the high experience and could lead to a bad accident. Smoking marijuana has an effect on the brain and if young people used while their brain has not fully matured yet then they may have some trouble when they become an adult facing real life situations. As mentioned before it has a negative effect on your lungs if smoked regularly and it can make breathing problems occur or become worse.                          Why would legalizing a “drug” even be considered?Think about our world now and how many way worse things than marijuana are legal. Cigarettes and alcohol claim lives every day and are both horrible and very addicting. There are so many health problems that these cause and there are actual deaths caused from using these things unlike marijuana. (45 Interesting Facts About Marijuana, 2018). There are no benefits whatsoever of cigarettes, all they bring is bad breath, cancer, lung problems, health issues, and become expensive over time to support the habit that comes along with it. Not to mention all the nasty things in them such as tar and rat poison. Now for alcohol, this also causes many health problems over time and is addicting. It takes lives all the time whether it is from sclerosis of the liver or simply driving under the influence. Now that we have reviewed these things that are being used today, as right now, maybe you see that legalizing marijuana is not any worse than these things that are already being used.                                        Marijuana in our near futureMany states have already legalized it medically and some recreationally. As of now many states in is U.S are considering and even voting on whether to legalize marijuana medically in the next few months. (Hoffmann, 2010). It is becoming more popular in the medical field and it has been found to be the only treatment for certain conditions so some peoples life is relying on it. People all around have different views and concerns of it becoming legalized. Many of those concerns are, the thought of having a doctor performing surgery while high, spiteful people lacing the product with other harmful drugs like cocaine or meth, driving while high, religious reasons, other harmful drugs soon becoming legal afterwards,and how government would deal with things money wise.(MHS, 2015). It is all up to everyone’s different opinions on the matter and what the popular vote is to determine if it will be seen more in the future around you. Many believe it is only a matter of time before it is legal everywhere.

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