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 Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “our
lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”, and
with that, he explained the importance of standing up for the things that
matter. Sometimes, it’s easier not to stand up and to simply give up on the
things that matter the most, but we must remember that when we become passive
and no longer fight for the things that matter to us, we risk losing
everything. Sometimes, by not speaking up, we even risk the safety and
happiness of others and ourselves.


Luther King was born in Atlanta on January 15, 1929. As he grew up King became
aware of the unfair treatment of African Americans and was particularly
influenced by Ghandi’s philosophy of non-violent protest. A key point in King’s
life was the Montgomery bus boycott which he helped plan and promote, this was
an event inspired by Rosa Parks that Pushed Martin Luther King to the forefront
of the civil rights movement. After the success of the Montgomery bus boycott,
King and other Ministers from around the state founded the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference. This proved to be a central group for the civil rights
movement. Later there would be arguments about what approach was the best to
take. In particular the 1960s saw the formation and rise of the Black Power movement.
However, King always remained committed to the ideals of the nonviolent

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Einstein was born March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. Age 15, Einstein’s family
moved to Milan, Italy where they wanted Einstein to become a mechanical
engineer. However, despite Einstein’s amazing intellect and thirst for
knowledge, his early grades suggested anything but an amazing career in school.
Beyond having an amazing career in math and science he was also an activist for
equality and pacifism. Albert Einstein a member and supporter of many civil
rights movements for African Americans such as the American campaign to end lynching.
He also joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
and often called racism America’s worst disease. Einstein was also known to
speak very highly of meritocracy and freedom of speech. While this is not
something he is especially famous for, he stood for what mattered to him.

  These amazing people have proven to us
that anyone can stand up for what they believe in, and that it is important to
peacefully but clearly stand up for what matters. When one person stands up for
what matters, a movement can start small, but it’s because of that bravery that
people are helped and the things that matter most are protected.

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