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Martial Arts TrainingMartial Arts Training by definition is training that is geared towards mastering various techniques and philosophies of self-defense such as karate and judo which originated from the Far East. These techniques can be grouped from a technical point of view as unarmed or weapon based. Unarmed – referring to those that use the human body to strike or grapple. Weapon-based – referring to those that make use of weapons. People choose to take up martial arts training for various reasons, the ,main ones being, to improve their combat skills for purposes of self-defense, for health benefits while others do it for the spiritual benefits they stand to gain. Complete martial arts training involves training in a wide variety of skills including padded attacker classes, martial arts programs and fitness oriented classes.  A good example of a comprehensive training is the cardio kick-boxing classes which provide instruction in basic martial arts abilities. An instructor who possesses both group fitness instructor skills and martial arts skills is best suited for a cardio kick- boxing kind of class.  Different types of martial arts trainingMartial arts training vary significantly from discipline to discipline. An appropriate sport-specific conditioning program can be designed through understanding the physiological strains and movement patterns within specific disciplines.Each discipline is different from the other, for instance, taekwondo which is the most popular martial art in the world, involves a chain of movement sequences involving kicking, punching, jumping, blocking and twisting which are performed at high intensity. On the other hand, the grappling nature of Judo puts a greater priority on the use of maximum strength; compared to taekwondo, limb speed is less critical in judo. Other popular forms of martial arts include: Karate, aikido, jujitsu, muay thai, capoeira, eskrima, silat, among others.Steps of getting into the right programFirst of all you need to be clear about what kind of martial arts program you are interested in. Are you interested in learning at a slow pace or do you want to advance very fast, rapidly learning how to correct your mistakes? The choice actually depends on you, your age and your physical condition.Secondly you need to decide on the school you want to attend. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a school are the cost, the martial arts styles available, and the prowess and experience of available instructors in that school. The style and master that you decide on will greatly affect how you learn your martial arts.It is also important to understand the martial arts tradition. The original purpose of martial arts was self-defense even against multiple attackers. There are some individuals today who misconstrue the purpose of martial arts. It is also critical to understand the role of your sensei (master). He or she should push you passed what you believe are your capabilities hence training you to never give up. You should be open to ask him or her for assistance, whenever you cannot figure things out for yourself. Do not hog the master remember there are other students also there to learn. Do not be a lone ranger, or you will never learn. Always remember to respect your dojo as well as your fellow students; part of showing this respect is by turning up for lessons early.Develop the right mindset. Remember to never give up! Even if you practice right, you may still hurt someone or get hurt yourself. Never take it personally. If you are sparring and get injured, you will feel like acting aggressively towards your sparring partner, do not resort to this. The idea behind martial arts is staying composed while staying alive. In case you injure your yuki (sparring partner), do not apologize, and just try not to do it again. Remember to wait for them to signal that they are ready and resume sparring.Practice each technique shown until it becomes second nature to you. Think beyond what you are shown by your sensei and ask questions about it. Try and figure out what else can work for you in any given situation. Strip down what you do not like about a move and keep the simple ideas. Also remember to stretch before, during and after the classes.  Keep your mind clear; you must endeavor to drop any outside aggression as soon as you enter your dojo in order to focus on what needs to be done. Do not be a show off whether inside or outside the dojo; discretion is bound to work best for you in a real fight. Benefits of Martial Arts TrainingMartial arts can inspire self-esteem, foster confidence, develop character and improve motor skills. The martial arts training have been proven to improve listening skills and the ability to follow directions. Martial arts training develop both mind and body.  By learning challenging martial arts techniques and sparring applications, the students develop discipline and self-control.  Another added benefit of martial arts is that, a program can be designed to meet any individual’s specific needs.  Risks of Martial Arts Training The training provided for martial arts is potentially dangerous since it can be very energetic and aggressive hence putting significant stress on your body while at the same time endangering your opponent.  Nevertheless, the training can be designed in order to utilize your strengths and avoid your body weaknesses. ConclusionMartial arts training build confidence, strength of character, physical wellness as well as mental discipline. Though there are risks associated with such training, the benefits of such training clearly outweigh the costs. Many individuals both men and women have been known to take self-defense classes in order to be ready to protect themselves in case of attack. It is important to remember that martial arts is not just exclusively for self-defense but it is a form of art and hence it can develop both mind and body for the overall wellness of a person’s life.

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