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mart restaurant system using Android “- This paper describes how the smart restaurants work using android application.How they work and their flow of overall ordering process. All this  is done by Android applications.They have discussed on food ordering done in the table using android phones or tabs.”Survey of Digital Food Ordering System Based on Android System for Restaurants”- It describes how mobile menu should look like and what kind of details should be shown with the food name. Different modules like admin, kitchen, and the user is discussed and how it will work together. When we compare the traditional system with that of the smart restaurant there are numerous advantages of using an android device for ordering rather than going manually. This application will be user-friendly,the  customer just needs to install the app and then log in to continue further for ordering2.”Smart restaurant”- The smart restaurant is a concept where a restaurant working is based on using technology from reservation to ordering and storing customer records. The system can be online food ordering system with the real-time customer feedback. Attractive interface leads the  customers to take more interest in the system.    The advancement of Information and Communication Technology has led to an increasing number of industries to use electronic media and corresponding application for information exchange.    The main aim is to automate the  menu in restaurants with the help of Android mobile phone to provide a user-friendly environment. There is no need for a person to take the order from the table. The menu will be displayed automatically in the customer mobile application using wireless .Here, restaurant is  providing a dynamic menu.” Digital Smart System for Restaurants Using Wireless Technology”- In early days many approaches were developed over traditional pen and paper method such like Personal Digital Assistant

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