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is greenish grey dried flowers which grow on tops of hemp plant, Cannabis
sativa. Weed, pot, maryjane, spliff, boom and reefer are some of its common
names. Although its consumption is illicit in most parts of the world and in US
cannabis is the most abused drug according to National Institute on Drug abuse.
When the drug is inhaled it reaches the brain by passing through lungs and then
to blood stream. A specific chemical in cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
acts on specific receptors in brain starting off a series of reactions which
ultimately leads to a relaxed state termed as euphoria. Higher THC levels
result in panic attacks, paranoia and anxiety. The drug is smoked in pipes
cigars, mixed in food or used to brew tea. Some of the stronger forms of
cannabis are sinsemilla, hashish and hash oil. But recent researches have
revealed that there are certain chemicals in cannabis plant e.g
tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD) which can be used in treatment
of chronic diseases if used in controlled amounts. The drug is found to be
quite effective against alleviating nausea, chronic non cancer pain, glaucoma,
vomiting related to chemotherapy, treatment of muscle spasm in multiple
sclerosis, reduces pain, neurological and movement disorders and is also
beneficial in treatment of wasting syndrome associated with AIDS. To legalize
cannabis consumption controlled clinical trials must be taken but lack of
patentable product and funds are major obstacles in this regard. Despite all
the problems cannabis is still in used as a medical drug. For example marinol
was approved by Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (FDA) in 1985. It is used again
nausea and vomiting of cancer chemotherapy patients. In 1992 it was also
approved by FDA for the treatment of loss of appetite and weight loss related
to AIDS. Sativex is a sublingual spray, recently approved for multiple
sclerosis spasticity. It is an oral mucosal spray and the composition involves
extracts of tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD). In 2010 a research
was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Sativex against bladder dysfunction
and multiple sclerosis. It came out to have positive impact against both
diseases. Small scale controlled studies also point out to the use of cannabis
in the treatment of asthma and epilepsy but further studies are required for fruitful
results. The illegalization of cannabis usage is a major hindrance for
conducting clinical studies to find out more about this drug. These important medical discoveries had prompted
businessmen to jump into this field. Recreational marijuana is legal in 7
states of US whereas in thirty states and District of Columbia medical
marijuana has been ratified. According to ArcView group, a marijuana research
and investment group in 2014 marijuana wholesale and retail cumulatively
reached $2.4 billion. The legitimate industry of marijuana offers a number of
opportunities to entrepreneurs. ArcView group in combination with BDS analytics
issued a report which says cannabis sales reached almost $9 billion in North
America and there is a strong expectation that it will reach $24.9 billion in
sales by 2021 which is 28% of annual growth rate. In July, sales of legal
marijuana began in Nevada swept in $27 million in first month. After crypto
currency cannabis industry is the second most heating up sector. California,
Colorado, Washington and Oregon have taken the first step to start legalized
business of marijuana. In Jan, California is all set to start sales of
marijuana with a massive consumer base. Canada is also jumping in this business
by starting nationwide sales in July, 2018. 
According to annual marijuana business report of MJ Bizz Daily in
legalized states for marijuana business a greater number of marijuana employees
than dental hygienists. There is a predicted BOOM in marijuana industry in
coming years creating 250,000 jobs for US people by 2021, according to CNBC

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