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Mariam SayhoodTCC eng – Prof. TatumJanuary 26, 2017Life Painting CHARACTERSDaniel, 20s, male, any ethnicity Rosie, 20s, female, any ethnicity     An evening in a old-looking hotel room filled with art pieces, a couple of 4 years is getting dressed for a friends wedding that they really don’t like, start to begin reminiscing back on their own relationship with their stubborn attitudes. (Daniel, stands in front of a long mirror against the wall tying his tie.)Daniel: You know Rosie, you should start to get ready for this wedding, it takes you nearly half a day just to put a dress on. (Rosie, walks out the bathroom in her plain yellow pajamas while holding a green toothbrush.)Rosie: Oh come on, it’s not like you actually like them, we’re only here just because she needed an extra person walking her down the aisle. Daniel: But you could show at least some consideration she thinks you’re one of her trusty friends.. and we have an hour before we need to be there, Rosie!Rosie: We’ll be fine.. stop worrying, it’s not like it’s our wedding we’re going to be late for.(Rosie sighs and walks back into the bathroom and slams the door.)Daniel: I can’t go one month without her bringing up the word wedding around me, can i? (Daniel suddenly pulls out a tiny box from his left pocket and tightens his grip.)Daniel: There is entirely no hope in this at all, isn’t there?(For a while Daniel stares at the Pandora box, his thumb glides around the name as he begins to take a deep breath then he looks back at himself in the mirror.) Daniel: How can love truly exist if she only thinks i’m a liar every time we talk about our relationship. (Rosie, walks back out the bathroom with her makeup done and her hair pinned back with slight curls. Daniel shoves the box back into his pocket and looks at her.)Rosie: How do i look to you now? Am i still unpleasing to look at to you? Or am i finally someone presentable that you can take in public? (In awe, Daniel stares at her through the mirror and says no words.)Rosie: I need to put on my dress, i’ll be back. (Rosie, wonders off down the small hallway in the hotel room whilst Daniel turns to stare at the back of her head.)Daniel: You’ll  always be so, so beautiful..(daniel walks away from the mirror and puts his coat on and begins to button up and Rosie walks back into the room in a baby blue dress.)Rosie: You know, we met when i wore a dress the same color as this. 4 years ago.. when you tried so hard to convince that you could change my perspective on love and show me what an epic love story was.. yet here i am mentally suffering because of you. Daniel: You’re not suffering, you’re being irrational here.Rosie: You don’t even want to get married.Daniel: You know my stance on marriage since we met.(Rosie steps into her heels and stares at Daniel intensely.)Rosie: What is an epic romance when you never want to marry me, nor have kids in the future?Daniel: Can’t we just talk about this later? We’re going to be late.Rosie: Oh please, it’s like 5 minutes from here, we have plenty of time to discuss this right now because you’ll spend this entire wedding manipulating me that “marriage” is tying people into a “horrific” commitment. (Rosie walks at sits on the bed and Daniel joins her by kneeling down.)Daniel: You act as if i’m afraid of commitment when i chased you for months to finally get you.Rosie: We used to be so happy..Daniel: What are we now?Rosie: A sad love story.(Daniel begins to reach into his pocket to finally prove Rosie wrong after all this time.)Daniel: Listen to me okay… just please. (Daniel uses his free hand to hold her soft skin.)Daniel: The moment we met was the biggest miracle in my life. You say i’m the same jerk that i was from the beginning but in reality, you’ve changed me so much. We always fight but it always comes back to full circle with the both of us in each other’s arms and mewiping away your tears after we apologize to each other. We aren’t a sad love story, we’re a real one. No one has a perfect life, we don’t either. In another world, you and i would’ve been the most perfect couple with 2 kids and a dog, with a 2-story house. You and i, we’re infinite. (As Daniel pulls the box out to his side, he continues..)Daniel: We went through so much but what i really want to say is that i love yo-(Rosie stands up in a quick move.)Rosie: I can’t do this anymore Daniel, not after today. You can’t keep leading me on like this, not after all we’ve been through together. (Rosie grabs her bag next to the chair at the desk and storms out the room. Daniel stands up after a while and slams the Pandora box into the trash can and grabs his wallet and shoves it into his pocket and follows Rosie out the room. The room goes dark and the sound of silence fills the empty hotel.)

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