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Many people have social media because they either
want to have an online life or want to see what their friends are doing at
every moment in time. Social media is a place for interaction although
sometimes it can be dangerous if not used properly.

Having an online life means changing some parts of
yourself, to make parts of you seem more appealing, and attract unwanted
attention based on these changes. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of
the internet, People can take any information that you have put on the internet
and possibly use it as theirs because no one would know. Some people do not
realize that the internet is a dangerous place and should not be messed around
with. Some people sit at home with nothing to do and just decide, hey let’s
check out Instagram for a second and see what is happening, but although this
action may seem helpless for the viewer it is bad for the sender because once
you put it out there it’s out there and there is no taking it back. Even if
something is to be deleted there is still this handy little thing called the
cloud, the cloud is somewhere where anything can be found and delivered to you.
The cloud is accessed from either Google Chrome or Firefox and is now offered
on mobile apps since they’re offered widely anybody can get to the cloud.

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The internet is something people use every single
day, some more than others. Although we think the internet is so wonderful
because it lets us post, search, and watch videos, and even though it may not
really be the best thing it is still entertaining. Social media sites always
say be careful who you share your information with, but people never take that
into consideration.

On February 10th 2010a ninety-minute documentary
aired and displayed the purpose “examine the risks and
possibilities, myths and realities presented by the new digital culture we all
inhabit” (Griffen, 2013, p. 125).NE1 



Just a single decade ago
social media was nothing but a trend but now it is one of the major problems in
our society. Not only has social media been a huge part of our lifestyle, but
it has contributed to businesses and getting the word about their company out
as well (Landry, 2014, p. 1).

Social media is defined as websites and
applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in
social networking. This definition is nothing but meer truth when it comes down
to it. Parents warn their children about the dangers of the internet and that
is a good thing because it prepares them for what could possibly happen.

have watched a couple of movies where people meet other people over the
internet and decide to meet up, but as you can imagine that does not turn out
good. If you have ever seen or heard of a movie called Ingrid Goes West then
you know all about cyberstalking, this movie highlights the story of a young
girl who becomes obsessed with a lady on Instagram and goes to California to
meet her, Ingrid attempts to befriend the woman, but the woman sees Ingrid’s
true crazy side.

What we keep private is different from what we share publicly, when
shared publicly social media has opened up to show us what is happening in
others’ lives from the viewers’ perspective (Lowisz, 2014) (para.1). Just
because you post on the internet and then decide to delete it does not mean it
is ever truly gone because there are some people who save, screenshot, and
print many things that way it can be used against you possibly or maybe, so
they can just keep it for themselves although you may choose that you don’t
want people to see it anymore.



Social media and networking are a major problem in our society because
it is nothing, but an alternate world where everything is different. Some
technology has impacted our society in an effective way and others in a bad way
and among these are social media sites. No matter how much we want to have a
normal life our society is going to change either for better or for
worse and we will not be able to stop it unless we keep it from blinding us
from the truth that social networking is not as good as it may appear and that
online lives are not really lived at all, but most people really do not realize
that at all.

Some social media can be dangerous because it is dangerous and there are such
things as stalkers, killers, and creeps out there. If you have ever heard of
someone called Philip Markoff then you have heard about the craigslist killer,
Markoff was a second year medical student at Boston University who was living a
happy life before everything went downhill for Markoff, and he started meeting
people on craigslist and talking to them then he would have them meet up with
him at hotels and then he would rob and kill them, his first murder was on
April 14th, 2009 he met up with a woman at a Boston hotel where she
was killed, not even 10 minutes after meeting him. This story and many others
prove that social media and the internet are not the safest things out there
and never will be.

Web of lies is a great show
that proves that not everyone is who they say they are and that you should not
trust anyone over the internet. Once, I watched a movie about a young girl who
met this guy online, and she fell in love with him, they planned to meet up at
an airport after years of talking and when he got there he was not who he said
he was, he was not the seventeen-year-old boy she thought she had been talking
to the entire time.



There is a show on MTV called Catfish, hosted by Nev
Schulman and Max Joseph, the show revolves around people who have been
catfished, people who believe that they are being lied to call Nev and Max to
come over and find out about the other person. Normally the catfish are people
who lie about their gender and age, most catfish refuse to do a video chat or
phone calls because they know that if the other person hears their voice then
they are going to find out that they are talking to a woman and not a man if
that is the case.

Catfishing is one of the biggest problems on the internet today
because people are afraid that who they are talking to will not accept them for
who they truly are. There are a few differences between being safe on social media
and being risky, being safe is always going to be the best option because you know
you will not get hurt in any way.

the world today when social media has become such a big part of most people’s
lives, safety should always come first and everyone that uses social media
should be educated about the do’s and don’ts to keep everyone safe.

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own paragraph, but you don’t explain why you listed it and how it relates to
what you are saying…always link your sources to what you are saying – 

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