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Major players in the retail



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is an English multinational general merchandise and grocery retailer with its
headquarters in Chesnutt, UK. It is currently the 3rd largest
retailer in the world measured by revenue and the 2nd largest
measured by profits (after Wal-Mart). Tesco has stores in 14 countries across
Asia, Europe and North America and the market leader when comes to groceries in
the UK.


Tesco in India


Tesco right
now has a limited presence in the Indian market with a center in Bangalore. In
2008 Tesco announced their intention to invest about $115m to open a wholesale
cash-and-carry business based in Mumbai with the help of the Tata Group. Tesco
also is currently the only major international retailer to have a fully-owned
support center in India.



IKEA is an,
international home furniture company which designs and sells ready-to-assemble
furniture like chairs, desks, appliances, beds and home accessories. IKEA is
the world’s largest furniture retailer. It was founded in Sweden in 1943 by
Ingvar Kamprad, the 1st IKÉA store was opened in 1953, whereas the 1st store to
be opened outside Sweden was opened in Norway in 1963. The stores gradually
spread to other parts of Europe by the 1970s, with IKEA’s first store outside
Scandinavia was in Switzerland (1973). Later on, the stores were opened in
other parts of the world like Japan (1974), Australia and Hong Kong (1975),
Canada (1976) and Singapore (1978). IKEA further opened stores in the 1980s, in
France & Spain


appliances Belgium (1984), the United Kingdom (1987) and Italy In 1989) among
other areas. The company expanded into more countries in the 1990s and 2000s.
Germany, with 44 stores, Germany currently is IKEA’s biggest market. At the end
of 2009 financial year, the IKEA group had about 267 stores in 25 countries.


IKEA now is
planning to enter into Indian market with a war chest of around Rs 10,500
crores IKEA plans to open single-brand retail ventures in India. In the first
phase IKEA plans to set up around 25 stores by investing Rs 4,200 crores. The
company has already sought government permission to set up a 100% Indian
venture and has assured to increase its sourcing from India.


Future Group


Group is India’s 2nd largest retailer and one of the leading business houses
with a strong presence in retail. Future Group was established in 1994 by Mr.
Kishore Biyani. Future Group’s products come under the category of durable as
well as nondurable. Also, offers Clothing, Apparel, Home décor items, Furniture
which comes under the category of Nondurable. The company owns a portfolio of
24 leading brands and covers more than 121 cities.


company has already launched the franchisee-based models in Mumbai, Hyderabad
and Gujarat. The Future Group is providing its franchisees an electronic
device, which would have all the information about its products and offers. The
franchisee employees would visit the consumer’s place to collect the orders.
The company is currently targeting kirana shops, medical stores, and persons
with consumer network, insurance agents and persons engaged in professional
services like payment of bills etc, as franchisees. Through this venture, the
company would also try to expand its base in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities,
where the Future group still has no retail store. In return, the Future group
is paying a commission ranging from 3 per cent to 20 per cent, depending on the
kind of products sold.


Shoppers Stop Limited


Stop Ltd is a professionally managed and systems driven organization promoted
by the K Raheja Corp.

its inception in 1991, Shoppers Stop Ltd has introduced various retail formats
in India. The chain has become the highest benchmark for the Indian retail
industry. Apart from the flagship business of department stores, there are also
specialty stores for books, home decor and maternity care & infant care.


the era of global recognition for Indian retailers, Shoppers Stop Ltd is the
only Indian retailer to be shortlisted in the Retail Advertising Award category
for its in-store marketing at the retail industry’s globally recognized event –
World Retail Congress. Shoppers Stop had been named the merging Market Retailer
of the Year at the prestigious World Retail Awards, which took place on 10th
April ’08, in Barcelona. The World Retail Congress is the most influential and
highest profile gathering of the retail industry across all retail segments
across the globe.


Shoppers Stop


Stop is one of India’s largest retail chain operating in large format
department stores it owns around 172 stores in 25 cities across India occupying
a collective area of over 4.81 million sq. ft. and offers its customers more
than 400 finest international and national brands.


premier fashion and lifestyle destination, Shoppers Stop currently has stores
in Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi,
Durgapur, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Latur,
Lucknow, Mumbai, Mysore, Noida, Pune, Siliguri and Vijayawada.


Stop is currently the only Indian retail company which is the member of the
Inter Continental Group of Department Stores (IGDS) along with 29 other
experienced retailers from all over the world. This proves that the company has
access to all the the new and emerging practices which are followed


Estee Lauder group


Stop Limited has entered into nonexclusive retail agreement with world-renowned
cosmetics major Estee Lauder to open M.A.C, Clinique and Estee Lauder stores in
India. M.A.C (Makeup-Art Cosmetics) the brand of choice among professionals is
the first brand under the Estee Lauder Group of Companies’ portfolio to enter
the Indian retail market. Currently, with Shoppers Stop Ltd. there are around
20 M.A.C. stores operating in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Amritsar, Chennai,
Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Ludhiana. Clinique currently has 10 stores/doors
(including 2 standalone stores) and Estee Lauder has 5 stores/doors including 3
standalone stores, one each in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi.


Hyper City


Stop Limited has acquired a majority stake of 51% equity share capital in Hyper
city Retail (India) Ltd, thus making it a subsidiary of Shoppers Stop Ltd.
Hyper City operates 12 stores one store each in Ahmedabad, Pune, Ludhiana
,Amritsar, Bhopal, Jaipur, Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad and 2 stores each in
Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Hyper City
has redefined the experience of the Indian consumer in the big store format.
Its offering includes food and grocery, general merchandise and apparel.


Airport Retailing


Currently, it has 1 store in
Hyderabad domestic airport and 2 stores in Bengaluru domestic airport. 4 duty
free stores are run by the JV Company in the international airport at




Reliance Retail


Reliance Retail Ltd. is a subsidiary of
Reliance Industries (Under Mukesh Ambani) .It was founded in 2006 and is based in Mumbai, currently it is the
largest retailer in India in terms of revenue. The company in its retail
outlets offer footwear, foods, apparel and groceries, lifestyle and, electronic
goods, The Company’s Reliance Fresh outlets also provide vegetables, fruits and
flowers. Reliance Digital focuses on consumer goods, consumer durables,
entertainment and leisure. Reliance Jewels focuses on Jewellery whereas Trends
focuses on clothing. Reliance retail today has a total of 3,383 stores as of
June 2016 in India with an area of over 13 million square feet spanning across
210 cities.






is one of most profitable and largest retailers in India, it has stores spread
across eight states, and has majority of them in Maharashtra. The company as of
now has around 112 stores (quint, 2017), with retail space totalling up to 3.4
million square feet, located across 41 cities. Dmart’s 63% revenue comes from
Maharashtra, trailed by Gujarat which contributed to almost 19 %.


the last 15 years, Dmart’s has opened around 112 stores. All these stores have
been opened based on cluster approach, Dmart’s opens new stores within a small
radius of its existing store and targets densely-populated residential areas
comprising of lower-middle, middle and aspiring upper-middle class audience.
This helps them in reducing the distribution cost and to understand the needs
of the local/regional people better.




Spencer’s Retail


retail is a retail chain owned by the RPG Sanjiv Goenka group. The company
which is headquartered in Kolkata works on a food 1st model.
Meaning that it many focuses on selling fresh food item and packaged food
goods. The company owns both convenience stores and hyper stores. Spencer’s has
a lot of in house brands and tries to promote them while promoting their own
products. They currently own about 120 stores across 35 cities.

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