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Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian
activist once told, “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul
of its people.” Culture is just a term, we as people make culture speak just
like anything else in this world. We have become adapted to our believing’s and
teachings of these moral terms. It is how we express the
materials/non-materials, the different explanations of cultures and the
components of values, norms, folkways and many more.

you didn’t know, of course you would ask, “What is culture?” It is the values,
norms and beliefs that our society holds. Culture is what makes us different,
unique, and a diversity. It could be how we were raised, something we got
accustomed to, or what we learn along the way. Culture shouldn’t be defined by
your ethnical background to deceive who you are, if this comes about it is
stereotyping as presented in the YouTube channel, “Cultural Diversity Examples:
Avoid Stereotypes while communicating.”  It is our knowledge, actions, experiences, and
perspectives that make up our true culture. In the PowerPoint “Culture_
Introduction to Sociology, (PP_S4)” material culture “consist of the tangible
objects that members of a society make, use, and share.” These are physical
pieces that make up a culture such as; homes, schools, churches, towns and
workplaces. Non-material culture is exactly the opposite of material, it’s “the
shared set of meanings that people in a society use to interpret and understand
the world. PP_S4)” meaning that it is made up of components like beliefs,
morals, gestures and languages. Beliefs are something that you have faith in,
that you feel 100% about to basically help you through life. Gestures is like
sign language, you’re using hand combinations to tell something without
necessarily talking or giving too much away. Language is what we speak in
different terms to communicate with each other through the world, it’s all the
same just in another language.

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are a couple of different aspects when it comes to not only celebrating or
living a daily devotion to your culture, but also the different matter. Culture
is a world-wide society theme, we all have it despite the multiple beliefs and
norms we pro-ject. Again, it is what makes us a diversity rather the shade of
our color, are ethnical background, or sexuality. In the lecture on culture,
subculture is “a group of people whose distinctive ways of thinking feeling,
and acting differ somewhat from those of the larger society.” Subcultures have
their own little groups like religion, class, ethnical background, school, etc.
for example, it is very common for celebrities to date other celebrities or
well-known individuals with a lot of followers. Counter-culture is
“deliberately oppose and consciously rejects some basic beliefs, values, and
norms of the dominant culture.” These people can come off as violent, and
sometimes very dangerous. They have a negative side to the cultural life of
others but at the same time have the common goals of each other. Some groups
may be Neo-Nazi, people who still secretly kill Jewish individuals or the
Ku-Klux-Klan (KKK) who mostly kill Black African-Americans which was very
relevant in the 1900s and even Illuminati.

are many expressions, actions and words that express how culture relates to all
of them; especially words. Values are something important to you, they are close
to your heart and is something that you believe in and seek measure to live by.
Just as norms are regularly something that would happen on a typical bases but
is dependent on the scene that determines your action/emotional speaking; like
praising God at church or singing along at a concert it’s all part of what we
all do as humans when we are at an event (Yay!), doing an activity or in a
meeting (shhh). There are also four types of norms: Folkways are the customary
conduct or lifestyle of a specific group or gathering of individuals. This is
just being a nice or generous person by listening to others problems, helping
an elderly up the stairs, picking up an object after someone accidently drops
it. These are like standards and good behavior that you believe are right. Mores_
The fundamental or trademark traditions and customs of group, this come in act
of where people believe in justice; the truth. It’s like the responsibility of
being honest even when put in difficult situations, your truthfulness and
honest integrity should always stay strong. Taboos­ is commonly relate to
norms, meaning a culture completely denies them, similar to inbreeding in U.S.
culture as presented in the lecture. For example, it is wrong to have any kind
of sexual or misbehaved functions toward another family member such as, siblings,
parents, grandparents, cousins etc.  Laws
are a formal assortment of tenets instituted by the state and supported by the
capacity of the state. Laws were put in place not to judge or to punish you
indirectly, but for the safety and order for the citizens/community. Sanctions_
can be part of norms, they can be either positive or negative depending upon
the situation and how your actions occur afterwards; for instance,  A little boy breaks his mother vase by running
around the house with the dog, but soon after tells his mother what he did and
cleans up the mess. The mom felt that because her child was honest and took responsibility
of his actions that she would let this be a warning instead of a punishment. These
terms are also a part of culture, this is the deep conditioning of culture
where you really explore in the roots to find its important meanings.

have seen the different perspectives of culture, how it relates to different
terms and has a big impact on people. Culture is what people live by every day,
generation after generation; it is also how teachings are past down some in a
negative way but most in a positive fulfilling manner. It is what we carry in
our hearts that makes the culture spark. 

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