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Lucas LeeMrs.GranadoLanguage Arts Period 31/12/18  The Tear of ice “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls welcome to the lair of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.” Exclaimed Mr. Dark. Oohs and Ahhs went through the crowd forming nine streams of fog emitting from the mouths of the Carnival Goers. “Wow it’s really cold in here   “Mother her hair is so pretty can I get it done like that?” Said a little girl her crimson mitten pointing towards the Woman’s beautiful locks of deep black hair put together in a pompadour fashion. “Now now you know we can’t spend our money on things like that the depression has our funds cut in half we need money to buy your father a ticket home from the war.” Said the little girls mother. “Aww ok.” whined the little girl in sadness. Jessica heard their voices as she lay still trapped in the ice but she could see. How did I come to this? Reduced to being an attraction at a stinking carnival. Why did I choose to go with him on that day? For Three years I have been stuck here and nobody has come to look for me. I have been put with this facade of being the most beautiful woman to gain money for this sickly man. That date printed in my head October 28th 1920 is the day it all changed the day my tears became my jail. Jessica strode down the small little street of her town Tecumseh, Michigan as leaves fell from the trees above painting the street in shades of orange and yellow. She walked down the street until she turned the corner to see the boy who delivered her news to her every Wednesday, Kenny Smith. Smiths bag was full of the Wednesday paper stuck to his side as he told Jessica “Hello Ms. Childs I have the paper for you, here ya go, have a nice day!” He handed over a single newspaper, and then kept walking to deliver the rest of the paper to the neighborhood. “Thank you Smi-.” He was gone before she could say thank you. Jessica read the paper to see three bold letters on the paper Carnival in Town! She then scoured the doorsteps of her neighbors to see no one else had the paper in front of their house. “Hmm that was weird.” Jessica stated. “He was just there now he’s gone and none of my other neighbors got a paper, what is this carnival anyway?” She asked herself as she reached her doorstep. Jessica reached her house and opened the door. The door opened with a loud creak. The wooden floorboards, busted and rotten let out screams of terror as Jessica walked to her dinner table to read the paper. Jessica settle down and read the paper headlines stating World war two on the horizon! That wasn’t interesting to this beautiful young woman who was more interested in the small Charlie Brown comic strip showing Lucy yanking the ball from Charlie as he attempted to kick a football, as she found it amusing. But the headline that intrigued her the most was about the carnival, when she began to read more Cooger and  Dark’s Carnival only 15 cents per ticket coming october 20th! Jessica was interested in this and what else did she have better to do today besides her job at Pop’s diner, she worked the night shift? So she decided to check it out. Jessica got ready and headed out the door. She took a right towards the big flashing lights and the music. The carnival was an awe inspiring sight flamboyant signs labeled tents with mysterious names such as Mr. Midnight and Sir Scorpion, but the signs weren’t what caught Jessica’s senses rather it was the strong smell of cotton candy and maple leaves. “Hello there ma’am, are you interested in purchasing a ticket?” Asked the man in the ticket booth. Mr. Dark interrupted “No need Cassius she is with me.” “Who are you sir ?” Asked Jessica. “I’m Mr. Dark and I run this carnival,” replied Mr. Dark “You are Ms. Jessica Childs I presume?” “Yeah how’d… how’d you know?” Jessica asked. “My friend Mr. Dark knows all, please follow me no need for a ticket.” Answered Mr. Dark. “Ok where to?” She questioned. “To a chance of a lifetime,”Mr. Dark responded as he moved towards her ear “To have a chance to be older, wouldn’t you love that?”   Jessica replied ” I would like to be older there are so many things but that is a hard descis-.” Jessica was stopped possessed as in a tent close by a witch of dust manipulated Jessica in to saying yes. Jessica couldn’t talk could not stand, see, or feel, just think. Mr. Dark took her into a closed tent with a sign that read out of order. Her freedom was stripped from her and she no longer could see but her ability to hear was given back to her as she lay on a metal block waiting to be frozen.  And as she lay she began to let out a tear knowing that no one would come for her her parents didn’t care for her as they lived on a different side of the states in sunny Arizona. The tear fell across her face and a crystal of ice began to trap her where she lay, reaming without the ability

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