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January 19,2018


Cory Mackay

Chief of Police

Belleville Police department

93 Dundas street East,

Ontario, K8N1C2

Dear Chief Cory,

The scene of car accident that
the local police found was happened last late night in which a newly-purchased
car stroked with a street light at the intersection of North and main. The car
driver run away before the Police reached there and Police didn’t find any
witness. The crime scene investigation team was called out to collect evidence.

                                         The investigators collect some evidences that
are glass fragments from the front seat of the car and around outside of the
car, blood on the broken windshield of the car, fingerprints on the outdoor
handle and on steering wheel and footprints in the mud under street light. From
these tests I only did three according to my budget because I have only $2000.
In the case of Fingerprint comparisons, their results were that there are four
fingerprints two were discovered on the door, one belongs to Mr. McCoy and one
from Mr. Hatfield and the other two Additional fingerprints were on the
steering wheel, one is of Mrs. Hatfield, but the other fingerprint did not
match with any of suspect’s print, so no matches were found. In the case of
Glass Analysis Both the glass fragments inside and outside the car were of same
type. I didn’t find any positive result in both tests.

                                        My Third test is Impression evidence,
the results are that impression of the shoeprints collect from crime scene were
compared to the shoe collected from the Hatfield and McCoy house. The
footprints tell that shoe size is 10 and brand was Nike and Mr. Hatfield owns
such a pair of shoe and from this evidence I can think that he may be a criminal,
but that doesn’t mean that He was incriminated so results need more individual
characteristic to find the criminal that is not enough. So, I think I need one
more test to find more evidences that could be a DNA analysis because this can
help to find that whose blood is on the windshield. Because when Police officer
asked for the DNA samples, Mr. Hatfield and McCoy were able to give DNA samples,
but Mrs. Hatfield refused to give DNA Sample. So according to me Mrs. Hatfield
could be a criminal. My interpretation about how the crime occurred is that
Mrs. Hatfield went outside for any reason and maybe she was in hurry and she
drove car very fast and hit with an accident and she called her husband for the
help and then they did all the things and Hatfield doesn’t want that his wife faces
any problem. So, they planned that they will tell that their car was stolen, and
they will put blame on McCoy as it is mentioned that they had conflicts between
them for many months.

Your Sincerely,

Student of Loyalist College.

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