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Looking back at the most significant geopolitical conflict in history, beknown to us as the Great Cold War, it’s clear that there were a multitude of elements that contributed to its ending a mere 27 years ago. Today, it is my intent to bring to light some of these various defining factors and circumstances that led to the war’s demise as well as some of the opportunities and issues that emerged post-war. First and foremost, I think it is important to note that there is truly no one definitive reason as to how the Cold War ended not so long ago in the year 1990. Instead, at least for me, I believe it was a combination of many small, yet defining events that not only ended it, but allowed it to reign as one of the most strenuous and intensive periods of military threat in our world’s history. What made this war particularly unique was that it involved the two most powerful nations of the time, the United States and USSR, and it was in fact, the suspenseful and unnerving communication that occurred between these two powers that gave way to the extensiveness of the war, but also, its dissolution.The failing political, economical and cultural contexts of the USSR undoubtedly served as one of the leading factors in ending the Cold War. 1980’s Russia saw a severe decline in oil prices which consequently damaged incoming foreign investments and earnings for the country. This ultimately prompted the Soviet leader Gorbachev to hide and obscure the inner workings and crumbling economic conditions of the Russian government from its people. This secrecy, combined with Gorbachev’s sparing of no expense in the purchasing of billions of dollars worth of war weaponry to one-up the American’s, is what eventually led to inevitable uproar and revolutions that broke out all over nation, thus destroying it and contributing to its withdrawal from the Cold War.Furthermore, an acclaimed anti-communist Ronald Reagan, the president of the United States at the time of the War, strategically interfered with the Russian economy and its military endeavors in Afghanistan to further jeopardize the country’s demise and put an end to the war. After making notice of the Soviet’s involvement and aiding of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan war against Arab infiltrators, President Reagan decided to inject a U.S. military presence in the battle to present dominance and intimidation against the Soviets. Moral of the story, it worked. The Soviets consequently fell weak to the Americans after suffering devastating losses of men, money and equipment and thus began to retire from the Cold War.Ultimately, perhaps the most significant elements in the War’s closing were the series of meetings or “summits” between the USSR and the U.S, which functioned as a series of  paramount economic discussions between the two world powers. Famously discussed during these summits was both the countries’ withdrawals from the arm’s race which had carried on for decades. It was in the year 1989, at the summit held in Malta where an official end to the Cold War was declared.Following the Cold War was an era defined by national self-determinism. Military spending in Russia was immediately and dramatically severed to avoid further economic implosion and as a result of the struggling economy, unemployment levels reached an all time high as the standards of living reached an all time low. Contrastingly, the U.S celebrated triumph in “winning” the war and cemented countless alliances across the globe and thus, set up a worldwide military presence to assert support and relief to nations in need of a supplementing power. All in all, it can be said without question that a combination of the failing Russian economy, Afghan war-relations and overall enhanced communication between the USSR and U.S reign as the most prominent contributing factors to the end of The Cold War. It goes without saying also that the issues and opportunities that arose following the war gave way to the prosperity and progression of our modern-day world.

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