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Loneliness is a feeling we all experience, is a feeling, and which can make us think have a specific perspective towards on ourselves., and Ssometimes it can take a sudden situationfor us to get the attention we are looking for. How would you feel about having the attention you have always dreamed of, but just as an anatomic subject? This is the irony expressed in the poem Miss Gee in 1938, written by W.H Auden1. Auden is a famous writerthanks to his writing skills seen in his poems, which are known because of their black humor, relative accessibility and fusing social and psychological elements. His poetry style went from obscure twentieth-century modernism to the lucid traditional forms, being these dark and ironic ballads about individual failure, while the tone and content of his poems ranged from clichés to complex philosophical thoughts, from contemporary crises to the evolution of our dearest society. Many of these characteristics can be expected from the comical ballad with the culture of a stereotypical, unfulfilled, women in the late 1930s that 
tragically dies of cancer, called Miss Gees.The story starts with the familiar opening ‘Let me tell you a little story’ seen in the blues music genre. Were it is revealed how usual and nonspecial is Miss Gee’s life, living in one of the so many houses and seeming anything but attractive, letting us know that she is an unmarried woman. Later on, we hear through Miss Gees´s voice, wishing that her life was more than it is while questioning the meaning of her existence in the light of the stars. She continues to dream herself as the queen of France, but then her dreams got are
destroyed, starting with the palace destroyed at the hand of a storm and the bull with the Vicar´s face overtaking her. The story continues as sad as this until we reach the climax onher death, where when she finally gets the attention wanted., Tthe only thing is that it is notin a flattering way, laying in the Anatomy department at Oxford University, here is where we get the irony imposed by the author.

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