Living as a undocumented immigrant

Living as a undocumented immigrant has been tough of these children who were brought into the United States. Coming into the United Staes as a young child it isn’t easy to to understand what it really means to be a undocument immigrant Most undoccumeted immigrants came to America because they want to offer their children a better education and better life.

It hasn’t been easy for the children of those undocumented immigrant and the are noe facing one of thrie biggest struggle. beacause they are the children of those immigrants. The children of those undocument immagrants they are being threatened of deporation because they are here illegally, Grown up into adulthood the united state, is all they known, and now in fear of being sent back to the country they were born in. The Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) was crated by the presented Baraca Obama and his administration suring the time he ran the white house in 2012. It has assisted many undocumented immagrants which are young adults. One example is by allowing them to earn a higher education, better jobs, and protection from deportation. Things changed for DACA when Trump decided to end the program on September 5th of this year.

After ending the program, Trump said that he is leaving it up to congress to pass a law, by March 5th of 2018, allowing those that are protected under DACA to stay.