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Literature is the capacity of using language as ways of expression, which can help to understand better what is not easy understood: pain, hatred, love, death, war, sacrifice, human nature, the truth. The most obvious benefit of the result of studying literature is that it develops the command of the language, it teaches how powerful language can be. Empathy is also developed with literature. When people read about knowledge, beliefs, and experiences different from their own, they open their minds.

People who read for pleasure are many more times more likely than those who don’t to visit museums and attend concerts, and almost three times as likely to perform volunteer and charity work. According to Carolyn B. Martin, “readers are active participants in the world around them, and that is the best kind of person to be”. Nowadays, people are thinking superficially. People become passive observers rather than active participants in life. Through reading, the development of analytical capacity and critical sense is achieved. It’s not the same read a book or watch a movie; the reader has to analyze and take sides with what he is reading.

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Literature is important in everybody’s life for many reasons: It helps people to decode human experience; challenges the sentimentalization of values; it gives a culture a shared sense of identity and purpose; it helps people understand and analyze causes and effects of social change; it allows people to imaginatively to inhabit the lives, the experiences, and the meaning of others; and it leads to insight and wisdom, concerning the lives and the nature of human experience. According to Dr. Deborah Klein, Literature is good for everybody. She believes that it makes people better. Through literature, everybody can become bigger, can understand more, the hearts are touched and the humanity deepens. Literature allows to “live” experiences in the cultures and beliefs of others. If someone understands the culture and beliefs of others, she or he is more capable of communicating effectively with them. Each person has a different mix of knowledge, beliefs, and experiences.

Literature helps to recognize the amazing in the everyday. There are many details of the environment that lose strength by not being recognized. Literature helps to see the importance of these simple acts in ordinary people, and this makes lives richer, it helps to have more hope and confidence that things will turn out well in the end. Imagination, creativity, and higher-order thinking are what business leaders value most in employees. The 21st-century American economy requires innovation and creativity. When someone picks up a great book, they are entering a new world that has been crafted and expressed in a very personal way.

Finally, the study of Literature can provide students with a fresh and creative angle with which to approach their studies in particular and their lives in general. Even the most practical kind of student can benefit from knowing something beyond his or her own professional field, and the literary study provides the kind of imaginative human broadening that can prove very valuable in the long run.

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