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Listening is a
very important and complex process of our everyday lives, but listening to a
foreign language, which we may not master quite well, is even harder.


We are able to
learn new foreign words by being exposed to particular combinations of sounds
which can make up the words. Language is a skill and you are not going to
master if you don’t practice. By extensive listening to a new language you can
grow the appropriate brain tissue to master the language. Listening is also a two-way
interactive process. As a listener, you are active and involved and you try to
understand the words, unite them into phrases which are meaningful. This means
you have to construct the meaning, so the sounds make sense. Listening is based
on constructing the meaning of certain words, using your knowledge, predicting
and continually assessing. Firstly, we need to accept the fact that we’re not
going to understand everything at once. And the we just need to practice and
listen, even if we don’t understand some things. It is important to write down
some unknown words or maybe the pronunciation. It’s also very helpful to listen
some songs or movies, podcasts … things that interest us.

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As an English
teacher, it’s important to engage children into healthy work style and use
English language in class as much as possible. To give them some work sheets
and encourage them, to follow the learning process, listening to new words and
simultaneously following the topic or completing exercise. We should make
learning a fun process (singing, flashcards, games) and also include active
listening tasks along.


Listening should
become an active, subconscious process.

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