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       Like our instinct to search for food to survive or crumble up in cold weather to reduce the surface area for thermoregulation, greed, too is human nature. Human nature is those feelings, actions and thoughts we get naturally. Naturally so that the acts are coded in our body without our consciousness.  As a cause of ‘survival of the fittest law’, the current population is the descendants of those who struggled for ‘life’ and reproduction, and is their genetic collection of  survival know-hows against natural selection. Derived from different cultures and upbringings, the inherited traits which are major contributor for human nature, are  informations saved in the “genes”, the unit of heredity made up with Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).So even in small fraction, we share the same genes, our great great great ancestors had. A shocking example of would be blue-eyed people having one common ancestor who went through genetic mutation about 6-10 thousands of years ago. And that how we look, what we do unconsciously and what human nature are all answered with these genetic traits we inherit.      Among those traits, there exist desire, an intense feeling of having enough or more. Life is always unpredictable and yet logical. Though biologically we only need to stay nutrient fed and be safe to live, but under the circumstance economic and social systems, we need to work more along money parameter to stay well enough. But under capitalist modern world, we can almost buy anything we want starting from food, house, pet, and even wife and infants. Since in existence of money we can be happy with what we buy, money replaces happiness, “a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction”. However our desire for happiness turns into greed, the desire which long for unneedful excess, especially from fortune and wealth. Because that’s how we get satisfaction and how we buy our happiness. greed slowly turn us into monster or kleptomaniacs. Although yearning for happiness is human’s ultimate nature, and that greed should be one of our nature and not one of deadly sins, with the major dilution of “the more the better it is and happier one will be”, the greed beyond the human consiousness or “to struggle to exist among network of communities, one need be aware of the environment and be responsible to it” that accumulates fortunes one could ever use in lifetime, slowly turn us into monsters or kleptomaniacs. Going back to the novel, though it is understandable as why Mr. Stapleton longed for inheriting the Baskerville lands and fortunes since he had nowhere to go after the closure of the school, he is at fault as his greed crossed the boundary of human consciousness by his actions of beating his wife, and murdering and attempting to murder others.  

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