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Like human beings we need to express and communicate, thus, the thoughts we wish to express have to obtain a way to utter it, in this way, the first step in speech comprehension, and as a result the lexicon has to catalog entries on the basis of meaning, lexical entries are associations of sound and meaning.


Comprehension develops prior to production, inasmuch people produce speech at an astonishing speed, therefore production requires meaning- based lexical entries, so comprehension has to be faster. The child’s brain must form connections for selecting strings of words and for articulating them in a linear sequence.  For this reason, at the beginning children should try to make single-word utterances do the work of full sentences, holophrases which are a reflection of full thoughts.

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Production strategies must be developed by the child, after the comprehension, hence, it is important applying the syntactic characteristics that include the Comprehension Grammar, which is part of Natural Grammar.  It is the application of the Production Module to the Comprehension Grammar and their interaction that allows the child to produce syntactically correct sentences. As consequence the linguistic knowledge in the comprehension grammar increases and the child attempts using that knowledge in production, adjusting the contents of the Production Module.



If you ask a person what is your name? First this person have to comprehend the meaning of the words, and what implies every one of them, after the comprehension, this person will be able to answer.


Speech comprehension necessarily precedes speech production, in this way, the speech comprehension is the first step, the person has to understand and the idea, after that he can use speech production that is the process by which thoughts are decoded or transformed into speech, following the next process:


1.    The person fist has to comprehend the meaning of the idea and process it in his brain before produce it

2.    Without meaning, a person could not be able to produce language meaningfully.A Person won’t be able to learn a language if he is not exposed to speech.

3.     It is impossible that a person has the ability to produce speech without understand it fist.

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